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Feel yourself like a real somali pirate! No rules! War-ships of NATO will not be able to catch you! You are sovereign of the sea! A sun,sea, gold sand and sacks of money! Use the mouse to run the boat. When cursor ?f your mouse far from a ship speed is increased. Take ships and deliver them in port to get redemption. The port is open only when lighthouse on the island is green. A few ships delivered in port increase a money. Beware black sheeps of NATO, they can take away a ships and arrest you. Good Luck!  
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It is real Crazy Combines Crazy battle for a harvest begins right now. How many combines will be broken before harvest have been stored? 10? 20? Or none? Prove that you can operate these heavy metal things!  
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Help the clever ants Joe and Jack to find a pin-code in an order to start a rocket.
Click on the screen of space monitor, to find the numbers of pin-code. Enter numbers in the panel of the proper color and turn large yellow button. If panel is black, you need to guess what color a number needs to be entered. Also on the screen there can be a few numbers of one color so that it will be to guess which to choose. Remember that a number 6 can be as 6 so 9.   
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The old church at the edge of God-forgotten small village, full of spiders, lizards and other creatures. Monk Foma has a few candles and some holy water. That is everything that will help him to live till dawn.
Use the mouse to choose the direction and the left button to attack
H > help
M > main menu
P > pause on/off
P > sound on/off  
    Play "To reach the dawn" Flash Game !  (1307 Plays)
Somali pirates  Dec 31  
Crazy Combines  Dec 31  
Joe & Jack : FInd  Dec 31  
To reach the dawn  Dec 31  
Somali pirates  1838   
To reach the dawn  1307   
Crazy Combines  1088   
Joe & Jack : FInd  1048   
Somali pirates 
Crazy Combines 
Joe & Jack : FInd 
To reach the dawn 

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