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Help Michael pick up all the litter in the park and stop the litterbugs before time runs out!   
    Play "Litterbugs" Flash Game !  (1027 Plays)

Collect glass, paper & plastic in the bin, choose your level easy, not so easy or hard.   
    Play "Keep The Countryside" Flash Game !  (954 Plays)

Catapult the rubbish into the correct recycling chutes.   
    Play "Catapult The Rubbish" Flash Game !  (1202 Plays)

See how many points you can score by sorting the rubbish into the correct recycling containers.  
    Play "Recycling Points" Flash Game !  (959 Plays)

Catch the correct waste items in the bin as it changes colour automatically, be careful you do not catch the wrong items. Watch the colour of your bin!   
    Play "Catch The Right Items" Flash Game !  (987 Plays)

The automatic recycling sorting machine has broken down, it is your job to put the waste into the correct recycling bins.   
    Play "Sort The Rubbish" Flash Game !  (1029 Plays)

There are too many plastic carrier bags floating in the sea. Use the net to catch the carrier bags before they injure the sea creatures and pollute the waters.  
    Play "Clean The Ocean" Flash Game !  (868 Plays)
Litterbugs  Dec 31  
Keep The Countryside  Dec 31  
Catapult The Rubbish  Dec 31  
Recycling Points  Dec 31  
Catch The Right Items  Dec 31  
Sort The Rubbish  Dec 31  
Clean The Ocean  Dec 31  
Catapult The Rubbish  1202   
Sort The Rubbish  1029   
Litterbugs  1027   
Catch The Right Items  987   
Recycling Points  959   
Keep The Countryside  954   
Clean The Ocean  868   
Keep The Countryside 
Catapult The Rubbish 
Recycling Points 
Catch The Right Items 
Sort The Rubbish 
Clean The Ocean 

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