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"And lo, Jesus of Nazareth came upon a garden swing, and verily he swingeth upon the swing. And he launcheth himself into the sky. And he bounceth upon the faithful and the beasts and birds and he sayeth unto them, Sorry about that." Help Jesus get back to heaven by bouncing across makeshift platforms. Save your best score to the online leaderboard.  
    Play "Jump Jesus Jump" Flash Game !  (913 Plays)

You've stolen the king's crown, but can you escape the castle alive? As a medieval thief, you must dash out of the castle with guards in pursuit, grabbing as much treasure as you can along the way. The castle layout is randomly generated each time you play. Four difficulty levels are available (Easy, Normal, Hard and Infinite), and there are twelve Trophies to earn. Compare your scores against the world rankings online, and compete with your Facebook friends using the Games For The Planet Facebook application. (www.gamesfortheplanet.com) Controls: W or UP ARROW = Jump W or UP ARROW (while jumping) = Double-Jump D or RIGHT ARROW = Move right A or LEFT ARROW = Move left   
    Play "Thief's Escape" Flash Game !  (1798 Plays)

Use the cursor keys to swing your oar in four directions.
    Play "Dog Pound" Flash Game !  (1766 Plays)

Pop the bubbles from smallest to largest! It's not as easy as it seems at first. Features: * Relaxing sound and graphics * 15 achievements to unlock * Hard Mode with tight time limits * Online hi-score table Controls: Aim with the mouse. Click left mouse button to pop bubbles.   
    Play "Popble" Flash Game !  (1588 Plays)

Make cut-out patterns which you can save, print, and turn into puzzles! Linia simulates cutting patterns from folded paper. You can cut holes and colour in areas in three colours, and view the resulting pattern in real time. Make abstract patterns, draw pictures, write messages... the only limit is your imagination! Once you're happy with your pattern you can save it to your computer to share with friends, or print it out. Linia also includes a puzzle mode - double click the Puzzle icon to turn your completed pattern into a jigsaw puzzle. Complete the puzzle to move on to the next background image. Once you've created (and solved) six patterns, you can review all your creations in a gallery. Controls: Define polygons to cut out or paint by clicking to set points in the editing area. Mouseover the icons for instructions on what each tool does.   
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"Help Captain Bobulous destroy waves of enemies who threaten to destroy the entire universe!" Bobulous is an action game which requires fast reflexes and skill. You will take command of Captain Bobulous in a space station overrun by an infestation of aliens. Your mission is to eradicate them to save the universe. Bobulous can defeat and eat enemies smaller than himself. To tackle bigger enemies, you must eat to gather "z-energy" to open a vortex and evolve into a bigger form. Every level will assign you a medal(bronze, silver, gold or perfect) depending on your performance which is measured from the time, lives and z-energy you have at the end of the level. There are four increasingly difficult missions with online leaderboards, exciting cutscenes and simple pick-up-and-play controls. Controls: Mouse = guide Captain Bobulous Left Mouse Button = use bomb (if available)  
    Play "Bobulous" Flash Game !  (2891 Plays)

Try survive a relentless onslaught of deadly attack submarines in this faithful refit of a retro classic. Assume control of a destroyer located at the top of the screen with submarines passing beneath it. The destroyer can deploy up to six depth charges at a time in an attempt to sink the submarines below. The submarines are able to release various mines which float up to the surface hampering the destroyer's progress. The player has 90 seconds to sink as many submarines as possible but can earn time bonuses by reaching the overtime target scores. Controls: MOUSE: Move Left and Right to move the boat. Left click in front of or behind the boat to drop depth charges. KEYBOARD: Left and Right arrow keys to move the boat. Z and X to drop depth charges fore and aft. P - pause Escape - return to main menu  
    Play "Uber-Boat" Flash Game !  (2558 Plays)

Hide Caesar! is a physics-based puzzle game with a classical Roman theme. You have to drop a series of objects into the playing field so that they come to rest covering the Roman coin. Your attempt to shield the coin will then be tested by a scattering of stones. If the stones touch the coin, or if at any time it is allowed to fall to the floor, the level is lost. Hide Caesar! includes 20 challenging levels (with online leaderboard) as well as a versatile level editor. Controls: Use the mouse to select and place objects. When all objects have been placed (and have come to rest), the testing phase will start automatically.   
    Play "Hide Caesar" Flash Game !  (1361 Plays)

Isoball 2 is an isometric 3D puzzle game that will test your spatial awareness and logic skills to the limit. With 50 levels and 10 'sandbox mode' bonus levels, Isoball 2 offers hours of engrossing gameplay. Features & Improvements: - Streamlined interface and six new colour schemes - New blocks including conveyor belts, teleports and phase bridges - Sandbox levels allow you to express your creativity (...try creating infinitely looping tracks!) - Online hi-score system with Facebook and Twitter support - Saves your progress after every level (no more checkpoints) - No time limits! Controls: Use the mouse to select and place blocks. Repeatedly click on the block icons at the bottom of the screen to rotate them. Use the "Erase" tool to remove individual blocks, and the "Clear" button to remove all blocks from the level. When you think you've built a successful route, click "Start" to release the ball.   
    Play "Isoball 2" Flash Game !  (2355 Plays)

"Craqua homeworld is under attack by technogenetic enemies. A heroic crab must save its origins anyhow!!! Complete all 6 stages and defeat 3 original bosses." Guide the crab by moving your mouse, and motivate him to shoot at invaders by holding the left mouse button. In case of extreme situations hit SPACEBAR to unleash a rocket attack. Try to prevent enemies from arriving at the bottom. Collect the stars to level up your weapons. Controls: MOUSE - Movement LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - Fire SPACEBAR - Rockets   
    Play "Craqua" Flash Game !  (1252 Plays)

Yo-ho-ho! Treasurement (Treasure + Tournament) is a frantic arcade puzzle game where you must scramble to collect the falling pirate treasure. Click on coins that add up to the target value indicated on the money pouch. Collect bonuses and make combos to get extra gold. Play through 20 illustrated locations in the story mode or see how long you can last in the non-stop arcade mode. Submit you best scores to the online leaderboard and share your achievements on Twitter or Facebook.   
    Play "Treasurement" Flash Game !  (1148 Plays)

Help a bee to pollinate their flowers! The farmer has planted his flowerbeds with bulbs, now it's up to FarmBee to make them blossom into colourful flowers. Buzz around the fields, touching all the bulbs, but don't crash into the stinkbugs (they'll temporarily stun you). Work quickly to impress the crowd and boost your score! Controls: Use the mouse cursor to guide FarmBee to touch the seeds.  
    Play "FarmBee" Flash Game !  (1214 Plays)

Concentrics is a not-so-typical mouse avoider game. Instead of controlling the player you also control the world around it!

Move your mouse from left to right to move the player, move your mouse up and down to rotate the world around!   
    Play "Concentrics" Flash Game !  (1118 Plays)

The Galactic Melody Catcher will take you on a journey to many planets full of colour, fun and music. The game combines a new innovative game concept with simple and fun gameplay.

Your mission is to collect melodies from 25 planets full of surprises. Each planet has a strict time limit making for a highly addictive 'just one more go' experience.


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away lived a species called the "Sonoricos".

The Sonoricos were the inhabitants of the planet Sonoro and lived mostly on a diet of tunes. Thanks to their strong appetites and uncontrolled consumption of melodies over the centuries, they left the planet Sonoro completely silent.

Soon they were starving and had to go and explore new galaxies in search of new melodies to satisfy their hunger. The elite explorers for this mission were called the "Galactic Melody Catchers".
    Play "Galactic Melody Catcher" Flash Game !  (1217 Plays)

You're "Viro", a ninja who fights against evil creatures! But instead of using conventional weapons, you spread a virus which only affects demons and the undead.Vampire Fever is a billiard-like physics game, which you control your character "Viro" (instead of the cue ball) and try to infect the other creatures on the screen by touching them. The virus is very contagious, but it has one weakness: If two infected creature collide, they both heal.As you progress, you encounter with different creatures (vampires, mummies, ghosts, electric demons, chocolate demons, and many more) and artifacts (barrels, bombs, slicers, trees, portals, etc.) which have different properties and physical behaviours, which call for new strategies!

There are three modes included: "Main Game" (with 120 levels), Challenge Mode (which include 6 arenas where you have to survive against a constant influx of enemies) and a Level Creator with the ability to save and load levels as passwords which can be easily shared by IM, email, blog comments, etc.

Click on Viro and drag the mouse to set the strength and direction with which to launch him, and release the mouse button to launch.

Use the buttons at the base of the play area to select (previously completed) levels, restart the level, pause the game (bringing up the Pause Menu) and set the audio volume.

Full instructions are included within the game.
    Play "Vampire Fever" Flash Game !  (1080 Plays)

Pathians is an addictive new take on solitaire and chain-making card puzzles.

The rules are simple but solving the puzzle may be challenging. Pick a card to start, then select a neighboring card with an equal or adjacent face value and repeat until there are no valid cards to add to the chain. The last remaining card in a column can be moved.

Accumulate points, beat the records and rescue the Princess along the way. To win even more points rack up high combos by selecting as many cards in a series as possible.

Select cards with the left mouse button.
    Play "Pathians Cards" Flash Game !  (1434 Plays)

Guide the gang of three robbers through 20 levels. Try to beat the clock and avoid getting caught! Each of the robbers has a unique skill: Claws can hang from walls, Froggy can bounce from wall to wall, and Brute can stun guards and push boxes. Earn silver and gold medals to unlock the later levels, and record your best times to the online leaderboard.   
    Play "The Robbers" Flash Game !  (954 Plays)

Customize your King and troops to conquer ten different lands! The Boomlands is a defense type strategy game, where you hire units to gather resources or attack the enemy, who does the same. The goal is to knock down the enemy's castle. There are also Structures in the game, which can be used to benefit your defense, attack, or economy. The Boomlands has tons of unlockables and many customization elements, so players can create unique-looking units for battling. Controls: The game is controlled with the mouse. Use the icons at the top of the game screen to hire units and build structures. Click the Sun to bring up the pause menu. From the map screen you can select missions, view your trophies, submit your score to the online leaderboard, and customise the appearance and abilities of your king and troops.  
    Play "Boomland" Flash Game !  (5611 Plays)

Quickly lay down railroad tracks to reach your destination! Build a track that snakes around obstacles. Use matches and explosives to clear trees and rocks from your path, but use them wisely as they take time to recharge. If your train goes off the rails it's game over.   
    Play "Rail Pioneer" Flash Game !  (2384 Plays)

Guide the bouncing white dot through twenty levels that will push your platforming skills to the limit. Master the techniques of walljumping, air control, and using cannons and trampolines to reach your goal. You have infinite lives, but must complete levels in the shortest time with the fewest deaths to maximise your score.   
    Play "Recoil" Flash Game !  (2748 Plays)
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Thief\'s Escape  Dec 31  
Dog Pound  Dec 31  
Popble  Dec 31  
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Uber-Boat  Dec 31  
Hide Caesar  Dec 31  
Isoball 2  Dec 31  
Craqua  Dec 31  
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Boomland  5611   
Bobulous  2891   
Recoil  2748   
Uber-Boat  2558   
Rail Pioneer  2384   
Isoball 2  2355   
Linia  1846   
Thief\'s Escape  1798   
Dog Pound  1766   
Popble  1588   
Pathians Cards  1434   
Hide Caesar  1361   
Craqua  1252   
Galactic Melody Catcher  1217   
FarmBee  1214   
Treasurement  1148   
Concentrics  1118   
Vampire Fever  1080   
The Robbers  954   
Jump Jesus Jump  913   
Jump Jesus Jump 
Thief\'s Escape 
Dog Pound 
Hide Caesar 
Isoball 2 
Galactic Melody Catcher 
Vampire Fever 
Pathians Cards 
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