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Martial law has declared on the city and all crime families have set out to ravage the city in any shape or form. From holding up neighborhood delis to hi-jacking large warehouses full of valuables, no crime is considered amateur and unassigned. Police forces are dwindling and the SWAT has finally been called to action. You play the role of Lieutenant Towers, a highly decorated commander of one of the most renowned SWAT units, Bravo Team. However, you have been separated from your unit ! You must prove to everyone that your reputation doesn?t precede you and failure is no option ! But beware, your enemy forces are great in numbers and will not hesitate in taking hostages and killing them. Don?t shoot the hostages or it?s your head ! You start off with a very limited ammo and artillery. however, if you can prove your worth by completing missions, you can rank up some serious cash to gear up with better guns and more ammo ! You are the city?s last hope ! Don?t let it fall into the wrong hands ! Controls : ~ Left Mouse Click to Shoot ~ SPACEBAR to take Cover ~ LEFT and RIGHT ARROW or A, D KEYS to Move around ~ CTRL KEY to Reload  
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SWAT Action  Dec 31  
SWAT Action  1944   
SWAT Action 

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