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SnailsAnimation  Joined 2009-11-09 20:12:13
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Getting hired to work in a factory is harder than you may think! ;)

Your job is to spot all the faulty items so that they get destroyed before they pass through the conveyor. If you make 3 mistakes, you're fired!

- Click on items that do not match the picture on the right corner. Click again to deselect the object if you've made a mistake.

- Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to control the speed of the conveyor. LEFT = Faster, RIGHT = slower.

- Press "Q" to toggle quality (if the game runs slow)

Developer: Snails Animation
Website: http://www.snailsanimation.com  
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Spend a whole day defending your territory against waves of sea creatures brought in by the tide!

Shoot your enemies to trap them inside bubbles.

- Arrow keys or WASD - Move around and jump
- Mouse - Aim, shoot (click and hold)

*You can press "Q" to toggle quality

Developer: Snails Animation
Website: http://www.snailsanimation.com  
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Octobubble  Dec 31  
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Firing Day 

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