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Hit the bugs by using space bar which makes you lose your life and collect heart by which your score increases and you reach next level.  
    Play "Hanging Heart" Flash Game !  (1010 Plays)

Use the spanners that eject from your car to shoot the ducks ond to grab apples from the trees, and you score up accordingly.  
    Play "Face D Race" Flash Game !  (1024 Plays)

Mouse move to make the hare skate safely without skidding. Avoid obstacles and grab the magic wand on your way.  
    Play "Hare 4 Dare" Flash Game !  (982 Plays)

Just ride on and hit the opponents with the help of the power you grab your way.  
    Play "Daring Ride" Flash Game !  (911 Plays)

Just make the rat grab the items to score, make sure that the rat does not hit the cats on its way.  
    Play "Cat and Rat" Flash Game !  (843 Plays)

Become Millionaire by playing this fun and exciting game Deal or No-Deal.  
    Play "Deal or Nodeal" Flash Game !  (914 Plays)

All you have to do is to go and collect the coins (Dollars) while you move on near them Just jump over when you face the obstacles.  
    Play "Drive 4 Dollar" Flash Game !  (994 Plays)

Help the kitten to rest in peace for sometime without getting disturbed by the hungry dogs. So you'll have to shoot away the dogs which approaches the kitten.  
    Play "Kitten Mission" Flash Game !  (1098 Plays)

Help mouse to reach the guitar & other music instruments which he is eager to play. Drag following buttons above mouse. Drag hop to jump, spin to roll over, creep to crawl & shove to push.  
    Play "Mouse Maze" Flash Game !  (953 Plays)

Help the Seahorse save its home from the enemy fishes by shooting them. Shoot them before the fishes propel the bullets towards the home. And remember,you have only limited bullets.  
    Play "Sea Horse Hunt" Flash Game !  (1014 Plays)

Make santa collect gifts on his way during the racing event. Avoid hitting the vehicles.  
    Play "Santa Car Race" Flash Game !  (935 Plays)

Hit the gifts using the 6 given shots, with the balls provided. Score according to the points of the gift that you hit. Your game gets over when you fail to hit all the gifts within the given number of shots. Complete each level ( 50 levels in total) successfully with the gifts increasing at each level.  
    Play "Christmas Gift Grabber" Flash Game !  (1073 Plays)

You will be given 18 arrows at each level to shoot down these strawberries. While aiming at the strawberries make sure that your arrow does not hit the obstacles, which come in form of log of wood and other such types.  
    Play "Cherry Shooting" Flash Game !  (1068 Plays)

The Hungry Rabbit is ready to enjoy a fruit-feast. Make it to consume the fruits that fall down by shooting at the fruits and by making the fruits fall on the rabbit. Your sore gets increased as you shoot and consume the fruits.  
    Play "The Hungry Rabbit" Flash Game !  (1177 Plays)

Help our little squirrel to shoot up the apples to reach the target score without hit up by the worms on the leaf parachute.  
    Play "Flying Squirrel" Flash Game !  (975 Plays)

Help the penguin to travel through all the ice slabs given in each level to complete it. Penguin can only move in front, left & right direction.  
    Play "Penguin Jumper" Flash Game !  (930 Plays)

The milk gets boiled in the pots at high temperature. Use mouse to click on the pot to prevent the milk from overflowing. Click the pot only when the milk is just about to overflow, or else, you lose points. Complete each level successfully before time runs out.  
    Play "Fizz Alert" Flash Game !  (1045 Plays)

Help our cute little kitty to cross the waterfalls and reach the other point with the help of the woodlog.  
    Play "Kitty Jump" Flash Game !  (1085 Plays)

The piggy and the penguin are now ready for a rescue mission. Click the mouse to make their motor boat go higher. When the loader gets full, the boat will have to be lowered to make it climb again. Just catch the fishes to drop them into the sea in order to save them.  
    Play "Fish Rescue" Flash Game !  (890 Plays)

The delicious ice cream is now at the lower most plate. Your task is to take it carefully from plate to plate to give it to dolly. Right click the mouse to make the ice cream hop from one plate to another. For each ice cream you lose your life gets decreased from the total of seven given. The speed and movement of the plates get increased with each level.  
    Play "Catch Dollys Cream" Flash Game !  (867 Plays)

Protect the balloons from getting burst by the birds. Using mouse, move the Penguin and make it to shoot the fishes by the right click option in your mouse. Use the right and the left arrows to shoot the birds in the right and left directions.  
    Play "Penguin Parachute Chase" Flash Game !  (1123 Plays)

Pick the carrot to earn points without hit by the obstacles.  
    Play "Hoarding Rabbits" Flash Game !  (932 Plays)

Make the smiley bird to jump successfully from the cars by using the mouse control. You will be taken to the next level once you accumulate 70 points. As you click to send the smiley bird up, you can also release the mouse tomake it to get down. While the bird travels down, you can again click to send it upwards. Collect bonuses by consuming the fruits that pass by when you fly above. You need to try again if you fail by hitting the ground or by striking at the eagles during the jumps.  
    Play "High Smilie" Flash Game !  (879 Plays)

Protect the doll from being hit by the balls that reach them all the way. Drag the mouse to move the doll. Your life gets reduced when the balls hit the doll. A balloon like structure is formed around the doll when you right click the mouse. Expand the structure to grab the balls around. Your score increases according to the number of balls that you grab. Make sure that you do not hit over the balls during the expansion of the balloon.  
    Play "Doll and Ball" Flash Game !  (856 Plays)

Make the hen to hatch eggs by transmitting the electric power on the eggs, and try to hatch the eggs without touching the chinks. If the electric power touches the chick, the chick gets burnt and the games gats over.  
    Play "Carefull Hatching" Flash Game !  (1125 Plays)
Hanging Heart  Dec 31  
Face D Race  Dec 31  
Hare 4 Dare  Dec 31  
Daring Ride  Dec 31  
Cat and Rat  Dec 31  
Deal or Nodeal  Dec 31  
Drive 4 Dollar  Dec 31  
Kitten Mission  Dec 31  
Mouse Maze  Dec 31  
Sea Horse Hunt  Dec 31  
Santa Car Race  Dec 31  
Christmas Gift Grabber  Dec 31  
Cherry Shooting  Dec 31  
The Hungry Rabbit  Dec 31  
Flying Squirrel  Dec 31  
Penguin Jumper  Dec 31  
Fizz Alert  Dec 31  
Kitty Jump  Dec 31  
Fish Rescue  Dec 31  
Catch Dollys Cream  Dec 31  
Penguin Parachute Chase  Dec 31  
Hoarding Rabbits  Dec 31  
High Smilie  Dec 31  
Doll and Ball  Dec 31  
Carefull Hatching  Dec 31  
The Hungry Rabbit  1177   
Carefull Hatching  1125   
Penguin Parachute Chase  1123   
Kitten Mission  1098   
Kitty Jump  1085   
Christmas Gift Grabber  1073   
Cherry Shooting  1068   
Fizz Alert  1045   
Face D Race  1024   
Sea Horse Hunt  1014   
Hanging Heart  1010   
Drive 4 Dollar  994   
Hare 4 Dare  982   
Flying Squirrel  975   
Mouse Maze  953   
Santa Car Race  935   
Hoarding Rabbits  932   
Penguin Jumper  930   
Deal or Nodeal  914   
Daring Ride  911   
Fish Rescue  890   
High Smilie  879   
Catch Dollys Cream  867   
Doll and Ball  856   
Cat and Rat  843   
Hanging Heart 
Face D Race 
Hare 4 Dare 
Daring Ride 
Cat and Rat 
Deal or Nodeal 
Drive 4 Dollar 
Kitten Mission 
Mouse Maze 
Sea Horse Hunt 
Santa Car Race 
Christmas Gift Grabber 
Cherry Shooting 
The Hungry Rabbit 
Flying Squirrel 
Penguin Jumper 
Fizz Alert 
Kitty Jump 
Fish Rescue 
Catch Dollys Cream 
Penguin Parachute Chase 
Hoarding Rabbits 
High Smilie 
Doll and Ball 
Carefull Hatching 

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