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Shoot as much items as you can and don?t forget about flying items! You have only 60 seconds for each round.
    Play "Shooting Range" Flash Game !  (1533 Plays)

Gold solitaire allow you to plunge into the game, which has won the hearts of many people around the world
MOVE > Mouse   
    Play "Gold Solitaire" Flash Game !  (1193 Plays)

All newspapers are trumpeting : "Zoo's snake disappears!". What is it going to eat?

MOVE > Arrows keys
    Play "Hungry Snake" Flash Game !  (1474 Plays)

Move each row of cards sideways with your mouse to align them or to make the best Poker hand in the center column. Then Submit your hand for the score. There are 3 Joker cards in the deck so you can make 11 hand out the 55 cards. Just try to get as much score as you can.  
    Play "Jolly Poker" Flash Game !  (1111 Plays)

Sun, sea, sand! Why don?t you play with an interesting man, and try to win a ring, which he carefully conceals.  
    Play "Cockleshells" Flash Game !  (2006 Plays)

Help Your car to get out from Parking  
    Play "Parking" Flash Game !  (1302 Plays)

The ancient Eastern sages made an unusual game in which you have to play. Become a master of Beijing Mahjong!  
    Play "Beijing Mahjong" Flash Game !  (1593 Plays)

The most kind shark in the world has an original fun! Shark is playing a game which itself came up, and apparently she likes it!
    Play "Shark Ball" Flash Game !  (999 Plays)

Help gangsters to hack unique safe Open a same pictures for the less time. Each right pair = + 40 points Each wrong pair = - 3 points

    Play "Gangster Pair" Flash Game !  (1322 Plays)

At Fat cooker has a great problem, he can?t lose weight. You Need to monitor carefully the balance of his weight in the game and help him to lose it.
    Play "Fat Cooker" Flash Game !  (1275 Plays)

To the toy factory an evil villain burst into, who decided to destroy all the stuffed dogs. Jimmi Jim comes to the rescue! Jimmi Jim must save all plush dogs!   
    Play "Jimmi Jim" Flash Game !  (1022 Plays)

U r the greedy frog who can?t swim. Catch as much money and gold bugs as you can in shortest time. As soon you collect enough money you see next level portal on the far bank. Coin = max 40$, Gold bug = 100$ Beware of much more greedy sharks, in whose possession you entered. Use u r mouse to rotate frog or regulate jumps.

JUMP: left mouse
MOVE: mouse
    Play "Greedy Frog" Flash Game !  (993 Plays)

You have found the treasure in the middle of the ocean. In the heart of the old FORT. But before you pick up your treasures, you will have to destroy pirate ships, which hunted for treasure as much as you do. Do not let the pirates to destroy the fort and pick up your treasures! Collect bombs to shoot shells at enemy ships and various ancient objects to gather as much wealth.
    Play "Fort" Flash Game !  (1267 Plays)

Authorities of your country appealed to the only Hero left in the world, to YOU! They ask you to resolve the problem using any means because the city police are totally corrupted and prisons are overcrowded. Challenge: to kill as many gangsters as possible.

    Play "First Hero" Flash Game !  (1292 Plays)

Do you think its easy to collect fallen petals? Try to play the game, and make sure it is not so simply!

    Play "Colour Money" Flash Game !  (997 Plays)

An unusual game in which you need ingenuity and luck to go further. Well, everything is up to you!

    Play "Rock&Ball" Flash Game !  (1197 Plays)

Use left and right arrows or your mouse to move squirrel. Catch the nuts (50 points), cones (100 points) and leafs (200 points and 1 more life) Beware of stones Try to hold out as long as you can.

    Play "Crazy Squirrel" Flash Game !  (1065 Plays)

Swap and match as many jewel gems as you can in this bejewelled-like puzzler!
    Play "Jewel Search" Flash Game !  (1282 Plays)

You think you are good basket player ???? PROVE IT!.

    Play "Basketball" Flash Game !  (2354 Plays)

Jealous wife is ready to do everything for his love and its better not to disturb her at this time!.

    Play "Baby Battle" Flash Game !  (1077 Plays)
Shooting Range  Dec 31  
Gold Solitaire  Dec 31  
Hungry Snake  Dec 31  
Jolly Poker  Dec 31  
Cockleshells  Dec 31  
Parking  Dec 31  
Beijing Mahjong  Dec 31  
Shark Ball  Dec 31  
Gangster Pair  Dec 31  
Fat Cooker  Dec 31  
Jimmi Jim  Dec 31  
Greedy Frog  Dec 31  
Fort  Dec 31  
First Hero  Dec 31  
Colour Money  Dec 31  
Rock&Ball  Dec 31  
Crazy Squirrel  Dec 31  
Jewel Search  Dec 31  
Basketball  Dec 31  
Baby Battle  Dec 31  
Basketball  2354   
Cockleshells  2006   
Beijing Mahjong  1593   
Shooting Range  1533   
Hungry Snake  1474   
Gangster Pair  1322   
Parking  1302   
First Hero  1292   
Jewel Search  1282   
Fat Cooker  1275   
Fort  1267   
Rock&Ball  1197   
Gold Solitaire  1193   
Jolly Poker  1111   
Baby Battle  1077   
Crazy Squirrel  1065   
Jimmi Jim  1022   
Shark Ball  999   
Colour Money  997   
Greedy Frog  993   
Shooting Range 
Gold Solitaire 
Hungry Snake 
Jolly Poker 
Beijing Mahjong 
Shark Ball 
Gangster Pair 
Fat Cooker 
Jimmi Jim 
Greedy Frog 
First Hero 
Colour Money 
Crazy Squirrel 
Jewel Search 
Baby Battle 

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