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Welcome to Bubbles, a simple typing game, stacked with different game types, high scores, and learning Experience! Use key A-Z to hit the bubbles as they rise. For each bubble you correctly guess you gain 1 point, and if you miss you lose 1. There are also bonus and multipliers to increase your score, just in case you want to rub it into your friends face. Important: Click the Bubbles button in the left top corner to return to the main menu. Story: In my computers class, my teacher had students who were bad at typing play a game called bubbles, which looked like it was from the late 90's. He would hold competitions, and the winner would have to take a screen shot of his score, and then submit it to win prizes. One day he was holding one of these competitions, when he found the game no longer to be on the internet, this is where I come in. I decided it would be a fun learning experience to test my flash skills and recreate the game, with my own twist, and some other valuable resources. On my site I released an early beta, some of you might have played, and somehow people at my school found it. The next few days I had people coming up to me saying they played my game and how fun it was, as well as the teachers praises to the game. You can imagine the grade I have in that class :)   
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