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The fate of the battle rests in your hands...
Oversee a fleet of tanks, using your military judgement and combat awareness to guide them through six dangerous missions.
Will the decisions you take lead to glorious victory or ignominious defeat?
    Play "Conbat Tanks" Flash Game !  (1812 Plays)

Play against your friends or against the computer to deliver passengers to their destinations! You get points for picking up passengers and Sid's hats but lose them when you drive badly or collide with obstacles.
Can you become a "Superstar Driver" on the Megabus?
Use the up and down arrows keys to accelerate/decelerate your bus. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer.
Along your journey, drive over hats to score points. Try to grab as many as you can!
Each hat you collect will add a passenger to the next stop. Don't forget to stop your bus to pick them up!
Avoid roadside obstacles. Each one you hit will reduce your overall score!
Remember, the fastest driver won't always win - picking up passengers is a vital part of any successful journey. Good luck!
    Play "Megabus Megaride" Flash Game !  (1955 Plays)
Conbat Tanks  Dec 31  
Megabus Megaride  Dec 31  
Megabus Megaride  1955   
Conbat Tanks  1812   
Conbat Tanks 
Megabus Megaride 

Spin Again  [?]

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