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matmi  Joined 2008-11-24 14:30:13
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The official game for The Gorillaz new album release "Plastic Beach". Outrun the cops, evade the El Camino, attempt daring underwater rescues and use the Doom Glider to foil 2D's escape attempts from Plastic Beach Escape to Plastic Beach tells the story of the Gorillaz journey from the mainland to their new home on Plastic Beach. The game starts by recreating the thrilling events of 'Stylo' and sees Murdoc, 2D and Cyborg Noodle on their journey to Plastic Beach, evading cops and the El Camino. The game then continues underwater, taking players direct to Plastic Beach HQ. Once you have arrived at Plastic Beach use the Doom Glider to foil 2D's increasingly inventive escape attempts from Plastic Beach whilst dodging ghost pirate ships.   
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Guide the Seriously Mixed Up Fruit through their most hair-raising smushing yet.

Select the height of the dive, the target (swimming pool, bath or Vimto can) from nine increasingly challenging levels, and literally push the Seriously Mixed Up Fruit off the diving board to meet their ultimate demise. During the game players have to pop bubbles and pull poses when indicated to pick up multiplier bonus.

Mouse Control  
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You're late! Get to the Run 10K Event before it starts. Get going...NOW! You've been too busy at work and have completely lost track of time. You should be at the Run 10K Event. Using your free-running skills you must run across, jump up and over, duck and dodge various buildings to get there in time. Pick up as many coins as you can on the way. Don't dawdle, you don't have long. Rooftop Runner was created for Cancer Research. There are 4 levels of increasing difficulty in this fun little platform game. Have you got the free-running skills to get to the starting line in time?
Controls: Arrow Keys  
    Play "Rooftop Runner" Flash Game !  (1903 Plays)

Width: 600
Height: 450
Category: sport
Description: Throwing yourself down a hill-side has never been so much fun...
Controls: arrow keys
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It's 2am, gran is in the kitchen making her famous cottage pie...it's a disaster waiting to happen! Your house catches fire and it's down to you to save the family. Using a variety of items (and a bit of quick thinking) you need to get all your family in to the safe room before its too late. You have a maximum of 3 minutes, and every second really counts! Some of you retro gamers may recognise the Sinclair Spectrum style of this game. We added a bit of classic 1980's computer game sparkle for added effect. Dig those loading screens, marvel in that loading sound, but don't waste too much time on it, remember...grans on fire in the kitchen!  
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Matmi New Media and Sport Relief brings you Animal Athletics! Compete in 3 insane athletic games, testing your skill and speed. You will need quick fingers, fast reactions and good mouse wiggling skills to beat the best in this all out action sports game. Think Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge crossed with the Lion King! Get the best score you can and submit it to the scoreboard. The top 20 scorers can upload their own photo to the Hall of Fame. MUST HAVE LATEST VERSION OF FLASH.  
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This game was made for free to support UK's Red Nose Day. Rotate the pipes so that they connect from the pump to the crops and animals before the time runs out. Watch out for spillages, and don't forget to pump the water to get it moving. One of the most popular flash games ever. It's had millions of plays worldwide.  
    Play "Let It Flow" Flash Game !  (7134 Plays)

Do battle with the toughest fones ever to grow legs and fight. This classic arcade fighting clone is fast and furious, with special moves to use and master, clever enemies and customiseable character costumes! It will take all your skills and timing to fight your way past the 6 enemies including ?Big Pink Bunny? and ?Corporal Punishment?, Bring it on!  
    Play "Battle Fones" Flash Game !  (2081 Plays)

Fast and challenging vertical scrolling game - help Lily escape the fear! This classic platform game over 10 tricky levels is based on content of Lily's new single, "The Fear" and album "It's Not Me, It's You".
Lily stars as the main character in a stereotypical musician's career escaping from rising fear to achieve her dreams.Starting on the red carpet, players must guide Lily through the levels avoiding obstacles such as paparazzi cameras, rabid handbag dogs, evil egg bankers throwing credit cards, lots of fun (!?), demonic puzzles and other obstacles which impair controls and make play more difficult.Collect the characters from Lily's name for bonus points at the end, and above all, don't succumb to the rising fear!.
MOVE > Arrows keys
    Play "Lilly Allen Escape" Flash Game !  (3326 Plays)

Ho, Ho, Ho! Yellow Snow! is a game of skill and precision. Your job is to help Santa use his amazing writing implement and magical yellow ink to join up the dots in the snow and reveal a surprising festive message. You can even pass messages on to your nearest and dearest (or maybe not! You will see what we mean when you play it!)  
    Play "Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow" Flash Game !  (4458 Plays)
Gorilaz Plastic Beach  Dec 31  
High Dive  Dec 31  
Rooftop Runner  Dec 31  
Mountain Sphering  Dec 31  
Survivor!  Dec 31  
Animal Athletics  Dec 31  
Let It Flow  Dec 31  
Battle Fones  Dec 31  
Lilly Allen Escape  Dec 31  
Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow  Dec 31  
Gorilaz Plastic Beach  12812   
Let It Flow  7134   
Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow  4458   
Mountain Sphering  3956   
Lilly Allen Escape  3326   
Battle Fones  2081   
Rooftop Runner  1903   
Survivor!  1647   
Animal Athletics  1441   
High Dive  1326   
Gorilaz Plastic Beach 
High Dive 
Rooftop Runner 
Mountain Sphering 
Animal Athletics 
Let It Flow 
Battle Fones 
Lilly Allen Escape 
Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow 

Spin Again  [?]

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