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The world's greatest (only?) hip-hop dance platform game! Use your awesome street-dancing skills to leap, spin and avoid the wolf. Can you find the four fabled items and escape The Hoods?

Use the cursor keys to run, space bar to jump!   
    Play "Into The Hoods" Flash Game !  (1725 Plays)

This chilled out puzzle game puts you in control of a hungry Jackalope. Fire him into the trees to eat all the carrots. Like all good rabbits you can multiply rapidly - just hit other Jackalopes for bonus bunnies!

Move your Jackalope into position by moving your mouse, then click and drag in the direction you want him to jump.

Collect all the carrots to clear the level. Hit other Jackalopes to reproduce.
    Play "Snackalope" Flash Game !  (1087 Plays)

A funny, cerebral update to an old classic - destroy space rocks with the power of numbers!

Use the mouse to dodge the asteroids, and the numpad to shoot them!   
    Play "Matheroids" Flash Game !  (1079 Plays)

Can you turn the evil old crows into heroic young cardinals? Click on birds to change them from crows to cardinals (and back again). Each level is complete when all the birds are red.  
    Play "Young Cardinals" Flash Game !  (1023 Plays)

Are you a Digital Genius? Take the test and see if you've got what it takes to beat Mensa.

Most of the game is played using the mouse to click or drag elements. Occasionally you'll be asked to input numbers.  
    Play "Digital Genius" Flash Game !  (1801 Plays)

Multiplayer microgame madness. Can you keep up with the fast-paced challenges and top the TinyTrials leaderboard?

Each microgame has different controls - some require the mouse, some use the keyboard. See the mini-instructions before each game.   
    Play "TinyTrials" Flash Game !  (4724 Plays)

Pump more water! Get more clean drinking water for the village using the Play Pumps roundabout. As the kids spin the wheel they raise water from the ground - awesome! As they get bored they pump less water - boo! Keep happy kids on the Play Pump as much as possible and pump more water! Just use your mouse to add kids to each Play Pump - click the middle of the Play Pump until it has five kids on it. When the children get bored click on them to get them off and make space for newcomers.  
    Play "Global One Water Game" Flash Game !  (2449 Plays)
Into The Hoods  Dec 31  
Snackalope  Dec 31  
Matheroids  Dec 31  
Young Cardinals  Dec 31  
Digital Genius  Dec 31  
TinyTrials  Dec 31  
Global One Water Game  Dec 31  
TinyTrials  4724   
Global One Water Game  2449   
Digital Genius  1801   
Into The Hoods  1725   
Snackalope  1087   
Matheroids  1079   
Young Cardinals  1023   
Into The Hoods 
Young Cardinals 
Digital Genius 
Global One Water Game 

Spin Again  [?]

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