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Soccernoid is an arcade football game with elements of Arkanoid and Space Invaders. Like all modern football the aim of the game is to get as much money as you can! Bounce the ball off defenders to grab their cash. Look out for cool power ups and the bonus streaker!

Use the mouse to move your player left and right. To complete each level you must knock out all the opposing players by bouncing the ball off them.

Bonus points are earned by collecting the cash they drop, scoring goals and hitting the streaker!  
    Play "Soccernoid" Flash Game !  (3027 Plays)

Ray's got a death-wish and he's dancing on the front of your car. Will your driving skills keep him safe? This crazy driving game has you as the stunt driver on the shoot of a music video. Featuring some great animation (check out the death scene!), rocking soundtrack and really cool cut-scenes..

Use the mouse to move the car and hold down the left mouse button to speed up and score more points. Whenever Ray falls off just flick the car to spring him back up.  
    Play "Freeway Fallguy" Flash Game !  (2099 Plays)

Choose a car, choose a mission and blow up buildings with your awesome sound system. Upgrade your car's performance and enhance the stereo for maximum destruction! Featuring all-new graphics and a giant Three Island City map. Instructions Control your car with the arrow keys and use SHIFT to hand-brake into a drift. Destroy buildings with your stereo by holding down SPACE.  
    Play "Sonic Boom Town 2" Flash Game !  (8899 Plays)

Celebrity Pedigree is a funny, fun-to-play management game in which you breed dogs to make profitable pups. The twist is that each dog is a celebrity - so you can experiment with breeding the likes of Airedale Jolie and Bark Obama.

Breeding is simple - pick up a male dog and a female dog and put them in the breeding pen. Then manage your kennels by making choices in the various menus - will you sell dogs for a profit, wait for your pups to mature or buy a new celeb to freshen up your gene pool?

    Play "Celebrity Pedigree" Flash Game !  (5818 Plays)

The crazies are on the street! Fight your way through waves of cartoon enemies on the streets of London. Featuring live-action video and an awesome punk rock soundtrack..

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

    Play "Toon Crisis" Flash Game !  (1262 Plays)

Journey to the four corners of the world in your mission to photograph mythical beasts such as the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster.

Platform mode - Use the arrow keys to run and jump. SPACE bar activates items, throws switches etc.

Camera mode - pan across using LEFT and RIGHT, zoom in and out using UP and DOWN. SPACE to take a photo.

    Play "Extreme Safari" Flash Game !  (19663 Plays)

Pilot your twin-engined racer on a series of spectacular space tracks. Taking place above a fiery planet, can you keep control at high speeds when your opponents are trying to ram you off into space? Featuring six teams, seven tracks and a whole host of performance upgrades to keep you ahead of the pack.

Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and brake. SPACE bar activates the T boosts.  
    Play "T-Zero Turbo X" Flash Game !  (3394 Plays)
Soccernoid  Dec 31  
Freeway Fallguy  Dec 31  
Sonic Boom Town 2  Dec 31  
Celebrity Pedigree  Dec 31  
Toon Crisis  Dec 31  
Extreme Safari  Dec 31  
T-Zero Turbo X  Dec 31  
Extreme Safari  19663   
Sonic Boom Town 2  8899   
Celebrity Pedigree  5818   
T-Zero Turbo X  3394   
Soccernoid  3027   
Freeway Fallguy  2099   
Toon Crisis  1262   
Freeway Fallguy 
Sonic Boom Town 2 
Celebrity Pedigree 
Toon Crisis 
Extreme Safari 
T-Zero Turbo X 

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