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Defend your space mining outpost from attack by pirates! Use tactical lasers and missile structures to defend your operation and repair drones to keep you in the fight for longer but without a well designed energy network your base could fall to one of the 6 enemy fleets: fighters, missile corvettes, swarmers, o-rings, mothership carriers and kamikaze. Built in tutorials and an atmospheric sound-track bring this game to life for seasoned RTS players as well as those new to the genre. Instructions: Play the tutorials and work your way through the missions before taking on the mining and survival modes. If all else fails, check out youtube (search for 'the space game') to find some guides.  
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A 12 player, team based strategy game. Two teams of up to six players must battle to defeat each other?s base. 8 units, or Minions, to choose from with 3 unique skills each. Level up and upgrade during battle to turn your Minion into a deadly machine. Combine with your team-mates to launch synchronized attacks on the opposing team while avoiding theirs. Instructions: Use left mouse click to move and attack. Click on a skill to activate it, some skills require a target which will be indicated by a purple cursor. As you level up skills can be upgraded, look for the red upgrade buttons. Keys: X - toggle camera follow off/on. Mouse Wheel - scroll up / down. Space - center view on Minion. 1,2,3 - activate a skill. Escape - deselect skill, or stop unit. Enter - open/send chat.   
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Defend your elements in the sequel to one of the most popular games on 2007! Construct your defense from 10 different towers. Buy bonuses from the store and send those creeps packing least they steal your elements and cripple your defenses. Instructions: Defend your elements with towers, buy elements and upgrades from the store. Towers can be upgraded and gain experience the more kills they get. If you lose an element you lose the ability to create towers of the same color. Keeping money in the bank earns you interest.  
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A word game where you compete against 10 other players to construct the best sentence out of a jumble of words. Vote on who's best, or funniest, and then start again! Instructions: Click or drag words onto the sentence area. Create funny sentences or phrases to amuse the other players. Vote on the other player's sentences. You receive one point per vote for your own sentence.   
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Desktop TD Pro welcomes you to unlock the 24 custom Scenarios, think up devilish new modes in the Sandbox, race for your life in the Sprints and out think others in the Multiplayer. New graphics to bring it up to date and a few new Creeps to keep you on your toes. Find out how the speedy Arrows, damage sucking Decoys and cheating Hoppers will force you to rethink your mazes and your sanity. Instructions: Build Towers to defend your desktop. Each creep gives money to spend on better Towers. Press 'Start' to send the first wave and then 'Next Wave' to send the next wave early. Each Tower can be upgraded 5 times and the 5th upgrade creates an Elite Tower.   
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Build your fleet of Patrol Boats, Destroyers, Missile Boats and Battleships to crush your opponent. Coordinate their attack carefully as not every route to victory is the same. Research more powerful variants to gain the edge on the enemy. Just take care from splinters. Toot toot. Instructions: Each of the 3 Ports above and below your center main base can build one Ship at a time. Try to launch in waves by building in many Ports at the same time. Once built you have no control over your ships. There are several routes available to your ships. All routes eventually go to the enemy base but leverage the different routes to out flank your opponent. Ships can be improved through research. It costs money to research and also increases the cost of the ship. The amount you earn per second goes up as the game progresses. You can increase the amount keeping ships in your opponent's half of the board. Can be played by mouse but is best played by keyboard alone. Keyboard (preferred): Up / Down - selects Port. Left / Right - cycles through the paths the ships will take. 1,2,3,4 - starts building a ship (PB, D, MB, D) Enter - opens chat. Mouse: Click on port to select it. Click on route line to cycle through routes. Click on button to build ship.  
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Jump, hop and spring your way through 20 levels of star collecting fun! Race against the clock, avoid spikes and even fly space craft in this amusing platform game. Instructions: Use cursor keys to move your Buggle around. Press up for jump and down then up to super-jump. Activate switches by pressing down. Collect the stars to complete each level. The faster you collect the stars the higher your score.  
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A 4 player game where you try to convert as many Buggles to your color as you can while trying to stop your opponents doing the same. The one with the most Buggles wins! Simple really. Instructions: Click to place your marker on the screen. Each player's marker will convert the Buggles nearest to it to their color and then convert other Buggles. Once all the Buggles are converted you have a chance to place another marker to take Buggles away from the other players! There are ten rounds. Good Luck.  
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The Space Game  Dec 31  
Minions  Dec 31  
Flash Element TD 2  Dec 31  
Farragomate  Dec 31  
DTD PRO  Dec 31  
Desktop Armada  Dec 31  
Buggle Stars  Dec 31  
Buggle Connect  Dec 31  
DTD PRO  2740   
Minions  2117   
Buggle Stars  1670   
Flash Element TD 2  1326   
Desktop Armada  1320   
The Space Game  1148   
Farragomate  1111   
Buggle Connect  1098   
The Space Game 
Flash Element TD 2 
Desktop Armada 
Buggle Stars 
Buggle Connect 

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