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DivergeCreations  Joined 2008-09-23 03:41:19
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***Play the game on Diverge Creations: http://www.diverge.ws/host.html, sign up for an account and get access to special stuff, like stat recording and bonus dressup-items to customize your character

A = Shoot maggotball
S = Punch
ARROW KEYS: Move/Attack in direction
[We also have a plethora of emoticons. Try these:
:) :P ;) :( :# ;( :| to start... see what else you can find]

**Game ends when the Kill Limit has been reached by a player
Step into the role of a HOST creature, and struggle to survive against your fellow organ-stealing abominations in this ground-breaking one-of-a-kind online multiplayer royal rumble! Customize your own maggot-ridden monstrosity to create a one-of-a-kind, vomit-inducing persona. Then, climb your way to the top of the food chain. Eat the hearts of dead opponents to replenish health (there's a flipside to this though... you grow and become a bigger target)   
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Save the dumplings from infection!

Drag the fetal dumpling around to protect them from infection. Help them consume sperm and grow bigger.

Programming, Caulder Bradford. Art, concept, Edmund Mcmillen

MOVE > Click
THROW > Release mouse button
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Suck blood... fly around... drop guano.

Suck blood to grow bigger, rest when you're tired and poop on enemies to stun them!

Programming and concept by Caulder Bradford. Art by Josh Tuttle.

MOVE > Mouse
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Host  Dec 31  
Viviparous Dumpling  Dec 31  
Bat Outta Hell  Dec 31  
Bat Outta Hell  4836   
Host  3194   
Viviparous Dumpling  1716   
Viviparous Dumpling 
Bat Outta Hell 

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