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A long, long time ago there was a kingdom to the north, of blond men rich with gold and furs, in a place they called Kingdom of Saguenay. All was well until hordes of bee-creeps attacked this magical place. All men on arms, they say, and the war started... Damn those bees, they stand no chance against them. They retreated into they're kingdom, the towers are their last chance... This is where you come in, lead them to victory or they're kingdom remains just a myth... Are you up to it?   
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Tri Peaks is a solitaire card game. The game uses one deck and the object is to clear all the cards. The game is won if all the cards are cleared before or after the last card from the stock is discarded to the waste pile. Try and complete all the levels and achieve the highest score, compete with your friends and more! Enjoy.

MOVE > Use mouse to play.
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Kingdom Of Saguena  Dec 31  
CardMania Tripeaks  Dec 31  
CardMania Tripeaks  1425   
Kingdom Of Saguena  1379   
Kingdom Of Saguena 
CardMania Tripeaks 

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