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Bubble Shooter 4, which is available on www.t45ol.com , is an awesome puzzle game. In order to win the sexy mermaid??s heart, you have to shoot the balls in the ring and try to connect three or more balls of the same color by getting them as close to each other. Move your mouse around the current ball to select its direction. Press the left mouse button to launch the ball. Let??s hope your shot is good enough to make three or more balls of the same color connected. For example, if three yellow balls are connected, they will be destroyed. More balls connected at once, you will get more points. Remember, they will slowly get approaching to you, shoot the bomb,   
    Play "Bubble Shooter IV" Flash Game !  (1955 Plays)

Bonbon Foliz is a very funny skill game. The color is very beautiful and vivid. In this game you become a cute monkey with candy in your hand, you must find the candy in the same color with the one in your hand, and then move your mouse to the right direction, click the left click to hit it as soon as possible. There are totally 3 levels in this game, and you must hit all the candy before it goes in to the hole. Please pay attention to the candy marked in different sign. Some can help to go back, some help to gear down, some help to pause. Try your best to hit the candy!  
    Play "Bonbon Foliz" Flash Game !  (1182 Plays)

Roulette is a casino and gambling game Use the mouse to bet, and each hit for 5 dolors. Then click the button and wait for the result. A croupier turns a round roulette wheel which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land. The main pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 alternate between red and black, but the pockets are not in numerical order around the wheel, and there are instances of consecutive numbers being the same color. There is also a green pocket numbered 0, and in most roulette wheels in the United States, but not in Europe, there is a second green pocket marked 00. If a player bets on a single number and wins, the payout is 35:1, meaning that for each dollar bet, one wins an additional $35.00. After determining winning wagers and paying them off, casinos commonly leave winning bets on the table. The player is not obliged to leave that bet down, but if removing it should wait until the glass pawn (or other similar marker) has first been removed by the croupier. Other betting options, with lower payoffs, include bets on multiple numbers in various combinations or ranges, on all odd or all even numbers, or by color.  
    Play "Roulette" Flash Game !  (2043 Plays)

Memory is a puzzle game. which challenges you to find and match the components that make on line the work. Your objective is to flip cards to find matching pairs , which have the same patterns,such as peach, fan, bow, gourd,demijohn, bell and so on. All cards are random arranged. You must find two that match. Each pairs gives you 10 points,but match wrong pairs decreases you 5 points . Remember the time is limited. You should match them before the incense runs out, or the game will be over. There are many levels, which are given to you to choose.   
    Play "Memory" Flash Game !  (1029 Plays)

Now you have 30 spears instead of 6 in the previous version, the number of the spears increase each time you catch a fish. As in the first episode, you have only 2 minutes for your hunting, but in this game there are more than one type of fishes, some of them is very dangerous, who has poison on it, you need to avoid them, if you touched them, you may go crazy and you will lost the control of yourself. Press the space bar to throw the spears.  
    Play "fishhunter2" Flash Game !  (993 Plays)

Blackjack, also known as twenty-one and pontoon in British English , is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. You have 2 cards. Count them, the number close to 21 points or less. If you want close to 21, you can hit a card, if your number of the cards count together over 21 points. That means you have lost the game. Your mission is to win the game, not to get 21 points. Remember: the computer maybe over 21 points.   
    Play "Blackjack" Flash Game !  (1512 Plays)

Super One Arm Bandit is a casino game. This is a very cool game of casino. However, it is not an easy game to win all the matches. At the first beginning, you only have got 10$ to play. All you need is to bet your money and try your lucky. You can stop it whenever you like. That means you could win this game if you have a good eyes.  
    Play "Super One Arm Band" Flash Game !  (1152 Plays)

Solitaire is a card game. This is a classic solitaire game. The aim of this game solo is the same: from a deck of 52 cards, 4 batteries rebuild of cards in each color, from Ace to King. The game includes 7 visible columns: the first column consists of a card face up, the second column of a card face concealed and a card face up, the third column of two cards face hidden and a card face visible, the fourth column of three cards face hidden and a card face up and so on until the seventh column. You can return the cards one by one from the package in the top left of the screen. Let each column alternates red and black, and start with a king if the column is empty. Place the stack or as a result of the cards can be done in three ways (from the slowest to fastest): perform a drag and drop the card with the left button, as with any movement of cards, double-click the card stack with the left button, right-click anywhere in the window, in this case the cards are stacked instantaneously displaced. Note that the distribution of cards is random for each game.   
    Play "Solitaire" Flash Game !  (1576 Plays)

One Arm Bandit is a casino game. This is a very cool game of casino. However, it is not an easy game to win all the matches. At the first beginning, you only have got 10$ to play. All you need is to bet your money and try your lucky.   
    Play "One Arm Bandit" Flash Game !  (2193 Plays)

Caribbean Poker is a casino game. Everything is played with the mouse in this poker game, it is decorated with pirates, skulls and pieces of gold. The Caribbean Stud Poker is a poker 5 card that puts you in front of the dealer. The goal is simply to have a better hand than your opponent. This means is as in Blackjack is always a party between you and him.   
    Play "Caribbean Poker" Flash Game !  (1908 Plays)

Too fast Too furious is a very exciting racing game. You can experience the real fun of street racing. Use the arrow keys to control you car,and press the space bar to active Nitro to To speed up your car.  
    Play "Too fast Too Furious" Flash Game !  (1667 Plays)

Smart Driver is a racing game. With almost anybody getting a license So it is smart drivers like you we are looking for. Obey all the rules and tackle the driving courses. Have fun and best of luck in the Smart Driver game. Press the space bar to seat belts, use the arrow keys to control your car.  
    Play "Smart Driver" Flash Game !  (1027 Plays)

Jet Ski Challenge is the sport game. Use the left and the right arrow keys to move your Jet Ski and press the space bar to active Nitro.Avoid obstacles and try to collect money bonus and repair bonus.  
    Play "Jet Ski Challenge" Flash Game !  (1923 Plays)

F1 Championship is a racing game. It can play by 1 player or 2,and it is very easy to control. Player 1 need to use the keyboard keys ??W??, ??S??, ??A?? and ??D?? to control your car up down left and right, player 2 need to use your arrow keys up down left and right to control your car, there are 4 maps you can choose.  
    Play "F1 Championship" Flash Game !  (1799 Plays)

Rotation is a very funny puzzle game. Use the mouse click a button within the big circle, (Except the edge)This button can rotate around the six button, There will be a special button marked rotation to the location of the corresponding. Every opportunity to spin clearance is limited.  
    Play "Rotation" Flash Game !  (1012 Plays)

Head Hunter is a very interesting puzzle game, your task is to as quickly as possible to find in many heads you have to find that one. This is a challenge for your eyes, when you play with the high level ,challenging Will be increasingly challenging.  
    Play "Head Hunter" Flash Game !  (1155 Plays)

Connect 4 is a puzzle game. In this game you turn to be red ball, you should try your best to have the 4 red ball link to a line. Certainly the line can be longitudinal, transverse and oblique. During the game you can use the ball of blue which is putted by the computer to establish your structure. And if you wanna to win ,you must got the 4 balls link quicker than the computer.  
    Play "Connect 4" Flash Game !  (1086 Plays)

Animal Memorial is a puzzle game which tests your memory. In this game there is a grid of 16 squares and behind each square there is a animal. There are 8 pairs of insects behind the 16 squares. The challenge is to match all the pairs in 20 seconds. For every pair you match, you get bonus time. This game is simple yet challenging.   
    Play "Animal Memorial" Flash Game !  (1046 Plays)

Here a play of observation where you must find the differences between the 2 drawings. Each time, you have 60 seconds to find 9 differences. You click on the drawing of right-hand side to surround the errors. You have 5 lives which you lose by misleading you or by exceeding assigned time.   
    Play "Find the differences" Flash Game !  (1095 Plays)

Color Painter is very funny paint game. Choose the color by clicking on the palette to the right of the screen and the drawing you want to stain. Once completed the paint you can print the colorful picture.  
    Play "Color Painter" Flash Game !  (1315 Plays)

Color Paint is very funny paint game. Choose the color by clicking on the palette to the right of the screen and the drawing you want to stain. Once completed the paint you will get the gift from T45ol.com   
    Play "Color Paint" Flash Game !  (1184 Plays)

bola is a very funny puzzle game. The goal of this play is to eliminate from the lines and rows of 3 balls of the same color and of the same model. The balls will disappear. For that, you invert balls 2 by 2 with your mouse. When the balls disappear, other balls will appear. Please enjoy the game.   
    Play "bola" Flash Game !  (1045 Plays)

Join the China Open tournament and try to win the trophy in ChinaOpen Tennis, There also remain supported and release at the right time when the ball comes up to the player. Note that the longer you stay supported, the more hits your player will be strong. Use the arrow keys to steer your player. To serve, keep pressing the space bar, a viewfinder up and down to the square of service. Move the cursor with the arrow keys and release the space bar at the right time when the cursor is in the square of service.   
    Play "Tennis" Flash Game !  (1222 Plays)

Soccer Violence is skill testing game for football world cup. There are overflows in the stage of football and of the hooligans are on the lawn. You direct safety guards and you must separate the two groups and the faires to remain to dimension to them. You to move your line of safety. Use the mouse to move the line.  
    Play "Soccer Violence" Flash Game !  (1253 Plays)

Long Jump is a sport game, and it is easy to play. First you need choose a player you like, there are 4 players you can choose, each of them have different ability that is strength, energy, endurance and power. Press the arrow left key and arrow right to run, and the spacebar key is for jumping. Remember: Do not break the rule.   
    Play "Long Jump" Flash Game !  (1123 Plays)

Javelin Throw is a sport game, and it is easy to play. First you need choose a player you like, there are 4 players you can choose, each of them have different ability that is strength, energy, endurance and power. Press the arrow left key and arrow right to run, and the spacebar key is for throwing the javelin. Remember: Do not break the rule.   
    Play "Javelin Throw" Flash Game !  (1200 Plays)

Weight Lifting is a Sport Games. It is very easy to play and you will enjoy that when you playing that. Also, it is very easy to control. You need to place the mouse pointer here and clicking as fast as you can! Come one and try you best to play that.   
    Play "Weight Lifting" Flash Game !  (1759 Plays)

Air Hockey Tournament is an exciting sport game that your mission is to defeat your opponents through various levels. You can choose any player as you wish, All you have to use your mouse to move the ball belongs to you. Hit the ball to your opponents goal, which has different color from yours. But you can't overshoot the middle line. The further you process, the smarter your opponent will be. Meanwhile, the speed will be accelerated. Go ahead and show them how smart you are.  
    Play "Air Hockey Tournament" Flash Game !  (1411 Plays)

110m Hurdles is a sport game. and it is easy to play. First you need choose a player you like, there are 4 players you can choose, each of them have different ability that is strength, energy, endurance and power. Press the arrow left key and arrow right to run, as fast as possible, and the spacebar key is for jumping the hurdles.   
    Play "110m Hurdles" Flash Game !  (1265 Plays)

100m Running is a sport game, and it is easy to play. First you need choose a player you like, there are 4 players you can choose, each of them have different ability that is strength, energy, endurance and power. Press the arrow left key and arrow right to run,as fast as possible it is not an easy job for you, because you should run to the end.   
    Play "100 M Running" Flash Game !  (1335 Plays)

wakeboard is a water skiing game. Move your mouse to control direction and click your mouse to avoid obstales. press"B" to hold the board and press"N" turn around.You can get the high scores.  
    Play "wakeboard" Flash Game !  (2864 Plays)

super golf is a sport game which you have to complete all 18 golf courses, some of them are classic and some are unique. Your aim consists of playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes. PAR is the number of strokes a player should take to complete a round with good performance. Par for each hole is given on the scorecard. Try to minimize numbers of par for each hole. Click the arrows above the player in order to choose direction of stroke. Choose the driver and that means the mode you can play such as long or short distance, middle or high height. Click and hold ??Strike?? button in order to select stroke power. Release mouse button to strike a ball.   
    Play "super golf" Flash Game !  (1113 Plays)

golf is a challenging sport game that you have to play golf through various challenging stages. Your objective is to hit the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. At the beginning of a hole, click to place the golf in the appointed area, which is bottle-green. To hit the ball, click and drag around the ball to adjust the power and angle of your shot. Release the mouse button to swing. As you progress, don??t forget to steer clear of more and more obstacles such as sand, water and so on. Now it??s time to show off your golf skill.   
    Play "golf" Flash Game !  (1306 Plays)

Ski is a downhill snowboarding game. You can feel the speed of downhill mountain pleasure. You must use the arrow keys left and right to control the player move and catch the bouns to get the high score, please don't forget submit you score and competition with other players.  
    Play "Ski" Flash Game !  (1432 Plays)

super Kick off is a football shooting game, you can choose the more than 20 different country team, when you shoot the free kick,you have 6 times to goal, pay attention to the wind power.the point kick is simple than free kick,but the goalkeeper move so fast. Use the arrow keys to adjust shoot direction,press the space bar to kick the ball.   
    Play "super Kick off" Flash Game !  (1457 Plays)

snow slalom is a sport game. Your typical snow board type games. Just ride your snowboard and avoid different obstacles. Use themouse to control the player to move and through the obstacles to get the high score.   
    Play "snow slalom" Flash Game !  (1283 Plays)

shoot'em in is a famous football sport game. You are the kicker to kick the free ball and must goal it in the gate. Use the mouse to move tne player inside the half-circle and click to shoot. You have to tries to score at all the 9 level.   
    Play "shoot'em in" Flash Game !  (1232 Plays)

basketball is a very funny sport game, you are the baskerball player,but the basketball stands can move ,you must decide the what you throw the ball is the best time,use the mouse to play and shoot a basket.   
    Play "Basket Ball" Flash Game !  (1108 Plays)

Surf, which is available on www.t45ol.com , is a challenging arcade sport game that your objective is to surf and collect as many golds as possible through various levels. Use the arrow keys to move around. Try to avoid copious obstacles like wooden boat, crate, piranha. Catch the gold coins and along the way. Each yellow boy gives you one point. Get close to the topless lady who is on the raft and save her. The shining head gives you extra life. As you process further, there will be more and more challenges.   
    Play "Surf" Flash Game !  (1062 Plays)

Naval Battle is a shooting game,which is available on www.t45ol.com. It is easy to play but it is also a very funny game. Protect your ship from enemies for air attack! Aim with mouse and left click mouse button to fire! It is easy to play but it is also a very funny game. hope you become a good commander to protect your ship.   
    Play "Naval Battle" Flash Game !  (1113 Plays)

Mah Jong Connect is a famous puzzle game,available on www.t45ol.com. Mahjong is a very ancient gamein China,more than 1000 years history. You have to fast find the same tow pieces and click the mouse to disappear them as much as possible.   
    Play "Mah Jong Connect" Flash Game !  (7520 Plays)

Christmas D.I.Y. is a very funny Christmas cartoon game ! There are two kids made a trap on the way of the Santa, and all the presents fall with the Santa himself in the river, your objective is to fishing out all of them as soon as possible. use the arrows key to put down the fishhook to catch the gifts pay a attention to the direction of the fishhook.  
    Play "Christmas D.I.Y." Flash Game !  (967 Plays)

Perfect Sudoku is a Puzzle game,that is you must use your mind very clearly. Fill 1 to 9 in the grid so that every row every column every 3by 3box contain the digits 1 through 9. It is amazing that all the number from 1 to 9 will provide a into the maze. And they will fit the boxes perfectly!   
    Play "Perfect Sudoku" Flash Game !  (1016 Plays)

Football Challenge is a Sport Game and play with the mouse. You are the kicker of one team,you must kick the point goal to the gate. Left click to shoot. pay a attention to the kick power, and the gatekeeper is so fast. Make as many goal as possible as you can.  
    Play "Football Challenge" Flash Game !  (1160 Plays)

A greeting card to send to your friends on Christmas day ! You are playing a mini street fighter game, to break a big snowball, in which is hidden your surprise present ! Use the keys Z X and C to attack, don't hesitate to use different combination with these keys, Very cute gaming e card to send at once !   
    Play "Christmas Snowball" Flash Game !  (1071 Plays)

Atom is exploring the deep core of our planet ! You need to use the left and right arrow keys to help him moving on the steps. There are different type of steps, you have to choose the save ones to put Atom on. You have only three lives, so three chances to see how deep can you go down into the core of the earth. Don't forget to submit your final score and compare it with the players from all the world.   
    Play "ATOM DEEP CORE EXP" Flash Game !  (947 Plays)

Legend of Ping Pong is a famous sport game and play with the mouse Left click once to serve, control the pad with mouse. Each match has only 1 set, the first to get 11 points to win the match. Using official ITTF rules  
    Play "Legend of PingPong" Flash Game !  (1269 Plays)

Kakuro Champion is a puzzle game. Place one digit from 1 to 9 in each empty box so that the sum of the digits in each set of consecutive white boxes (horizontal or vertical) is the number appearing to the left of a set or above the set No number may appear more than once in any consecutive boxes.   
    Play "kakuro Champion" Flash Game !  (1135 Plays)

Fruity Basket is very funny game and played with the arrow keys. Your objective is to catch different fruits falling from the trees, each fruit can give you a certain number of points, you need to have at least 4000 points to be able to submit your score in the hall of fames. Be care of the worms in different colours, especially the green worm, which will take all of your points! The golden eggs give the most points in the game, you need to catch them in priority.   
    Play "Fruity Basket" Flash Game !  (1018 Plays)

DR.JOE is a very funny game. You are going to take the role of Doctor Joe, the most gifted veterinary on the world ! Some lovely animals will appear on the screen, one of them has a abnormal body temperature, and one of them has abnormal heart beat rythme. You need to use the clinical thermometer to take the temperature of each animal, and find out the one who has a different temperature. Then you need to use the stethoscope to take the heart beat of each animal, attention, you must to activate the SOUND EFFECT to find out the ill one, because his heart beat will give a lower sound than normal ones. One you have found the ill animals, you need to give them correct medecine, use the red pill for fever, the yellow pill for heart problem, and if an animal has both abnormal temperature and heart beat, please give him a blue pill, he really need it ! When you have passed at least 8 levels in game, you can submit your score and challenge your friends!   
    Play "DR.JOE" Flash Game !  (1260 Plays)

A very original game in its kind, a connecting game in the theme of World of Warcraft, the famous RPG game of Blizzard. The goal of game is to eliminate all the icons (tiles) pair by pair by connecting deux same ones with a line, but be careful, this line can only have less than three 90 degree angle, that's the difficulty! You need to pass the easiest levels (level 1 2 and 3) to activate the level 4 5 and 6, the same, to accede to the final levels, you have to pass correctly the level 4 5 and 6... Not as easy as you think ! And the bests of you will see their name remain in the Hall of fames...   
    Play "WOW Connect" Flash Game !  (1835 Plays)

NBA Spirit is a sport game. It is very easy to play. The basketball will shoot to the basket, when it moves to the right place to shoot, you need to hold the mouse until the man jump to the best position then to release the mouse. The ball will shoot in. There are too many different stages and different stage has to shoot different balls  
    Play "NBA Spirit" Flash Game !  (1393 Plays)

Cartoon DIY is a miscellaneous game. This game is very great for children to play. Your mission is to draw the picture. You can choose any picture you want to draw, and also there are many colors you can choose. Of course, you can eraser them to re-draw again, after drawing, you can print them.   
    Play "Cartoon DIY" Flash Game !  (1120 Plays)

Barbie is hungry is a skill game.It's very easy to control. For the little girl's health, you must choose the Health food to catch it. Please think about the food is health or not. Use the arrow keys left and right to control the skateboard of the little girl to move,and press the space bar to control the jump power to catch the food. Earn maximum points before time is elapsed, the panda heads you add 10 seconds.   
    Play "Barbie is hungry" Flash Game !  (991 Plays)

THREE-POINT-SHOOTOUT is a skill game. You mission is get more points as much as you can. There is a cross on the right side of the screen and there are two balls moving. A small play of free shot or the goal is to mark the most points possible into 3 round of 30 shots. To mark, it is enough to press on the space bar when the first of the balls in bottom on the right It's in the middle of the target and to repeat this gesture for the second ball. If the 2 balls are perfectly in the middle of the target, you mark 2 points, the scores appear better than with the first attempts. Then do not despair! You need to stop the ball just in the mid point (the hole) by pressing space bar key. Remember: you have got 3 minutes to play in a round.  
    Play "THREE POINT SHOOTOUT" Flash Game !  (1136 Plays)

MY-PUZZLE is a puzzle game. You have got 16 pieces plates to make it become a picture. Different pieces need to keep onto the right place. Come on! Select your picture using arrow keys. Click on play. Drag and drop pieces in the window frame. Use space bar to adjust pieces. Use the mouse to move the pieces and try your best to make them become a nice picture! It is not easy as you thought, it unusual compare with other puzzle game. You will feel very exciting and succeed when you win this game.   
    Play "MY-PUZZLE" Flash Game !  (973 Plays)

Cheat-Master is a skill game. It is true to the final examinations now! But I know absolutely nothing about all these subjects! Just come on and try it! Click on my classmates who have a ??!?? above their head during the exams and beware of the teacher. Do not let me caught!  
    Play "Cheat Master" Flash Game !  (1233 Plays)

CAKE-HEAVEN is a skill game. In this game, all you need just to erase the blocks. An incomplete cake composed of blocks goes down towards you. You must supplement it in order to make a whole cake (a rectangular block) before it does not go down to you. Use the mouse to fulfill the block that you will win. Just come and try. Remember: there are many levels waiting you.  
    Play "CAKE HEAVEN" Flash Game !  (1001 Plays)

YOYO THE STAR is a skill game. Yoyo is graduated from school and wants to be a super star and you must help her. Right now on her way to become a superstar ! You need to help Yoyo to keep balance to the Hollywood or all over the world by using you mouse, just as the career of a movie star, Yoyo's way to be famous is full of obstacles... Don't forget to submit your score at the end of game.   
    Play "YOYO THE STAR" Flash Game !  (1046 Plays)

SWING CAT is a sport game. Some cats are on the swing ! This is a two players game, you can call a friend to play with you ! Use the key A and L for each side, and choose the right moment to move the swing to push the bricks. Just come on and try! Remember: only the yellow bricks you can use.  
    Play "SWING CAT" Flash Game !  (1472 Plays)

MOTO RALLYE is a sport skill game. It is a very great and easy control game. Can you ride and jump over the rough ground and still not fall over your bike?! Press the arrow right key to accelerate it put speed up, press the arrow left key to brake, and press the space bar key to jump. What are you waiting for? Just come on and try it. You will like it when you playing it.   
    Play "MOTO RALLYE" Flash Game !  (1062 Plays)

LOVE LINE is a puzzle game. It is very easy to play. Your mission is to make all the kisses go to the subject. 3 columns of which one leads to a girl if you are a boy, and with a boy if you are a girl. Pinks (or lips in the 2nd case) fall (slowly) since the top from the screen. Do the utmost to guide them towards the girl or the boy, and not towards the death's-heads of the 2 other columns. To arrive there, you serve as the mouse to trace lines (horizontal if possible) from one column to another and to thus make forward the pinks or the lips. Attention because the lines can also be used by the objects but in the other direction, from where the need to trace lines constantly! Use mouse to link different lines to get more score. Remember: do not let the kisses to the death.   
    Play "LOVE LINE" Flash Game !  (1054 Plays)

Skywalker is a skill game and the action game, It is a very cool game and it is very easy to play. There will be appear some enemy randomly, all the enemies flash in the game, and you need to beat them. ?? Use the mouse to aim the target and click the mouse to beat them. trying to annoy you, don??t worry about the blade. Every time you swipe your sword, your energy will decrease, no matter hit them or not. Your goal is to hit the enemies as much times as possible in the limited time. Star Wars skywalker is available on t45ol.com, for totally free. React quickly, and win more points. You will like it when you playing it!Just come on and try this game.  
    Play "STAR WARS Skywalker" Flash Game !  (3154 Plays)

SNOW THROW is a skill game. At first beginning, you have ten faces to choose. Such as George W Bush, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson,and so on. It does not mean you can use them, it means you challenge them, to fight them. You can choose five faces which you like and throw snow ball to them. You could use your snow ball to defense the attack from them. Answer them with a snow ball before it is too late to express your exciting mood when you catch up your first sight on them, the more snow balls are hitting at the stars, Use the mouse to aim and click the mouse to shoot. Remember: they can defense and also can attack you. the higher score you will earn.   
    Play "SNOW THROW" Flash Game !  (1051 Plays)

Snooker is a billiard and sports game. It is a very funny game, and you will like it when you playing it. This game is based on the famous game of billiard Snooker. You need to achieve the goals of each level in a limited time. Use your mouse to play. The power will run during the max and min, and you need to decide the power you want. wish you have a precise aim, and enjoy!  
    Play "SNOOKER" Flash Game !  (1157 Plays)

O MY HEAD is a very funny skill game. It is a very great and easy control game. Your mission is to keep more bald heads on the screen to get more scores! Use the mouse to aim the head and click the mouse to cut the hair. There are four boys in the barber shop, and the hair of each head will grow itself. You need to keep them short and clean. When you get a bald head, you will get a high score. Come on and try this great game. Keep more bald heads on the screen to get more scores!   
    Play "O MY HEAD" Flash Game !  (1085 Plays)

SUPER SNOWBOARD X is a very interesting sport game. A snowboard on his feet, ridez snowy slope between tree and rock while collecting maximum points in Super Snowboard X is a sport game, available on the free online flash game website www.t45ol.com. You are a confirmed and snowboarders get off the mountain slope on your board. Avoid trees, rocks and logs across the track. Collect a maximum of golden head and take the springboards to jump and perform tricks in the air. Use the mouse to control your snowboarder. When you jump, press A, S or D to execute a figure in the air and earn extra points.   
    Play "SUPER SNOWBOARD X" Flash Game !  (2440 Plays)

Mission Commando is a Shooting game, available on www.t45ol.com Striking terrorists who are extremely dangerous and a threat to our security is our duty. Eliminate all the bad guys to protect our community safe away from the further attacking of the terrorists. As the member of SWAT, aim and fire with your mouse, while press the space bar to reload or hide, handling all the method to hold your fire, you will be invulnerable. Press 1,2or 3 keys to change the weapons.   
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MahJong Empire Roulette is a famous puzzle game,available on www.t45ol.com. Mahjong is a very ancient game in China,more than 1000 years history the only thing you have to master is that you have a keen sight that you can pick up the same pieces of tiles in less time. It is time to check and challenge your memory, click and remember are your quickest way to win the game.   
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Sulky rider is an Adventure and of course the sport Game, in which you have a option among four horses who are all different in any factors in their racing. It is to say that each one in the game, is distinct in their ability,colors and speed and the capacity of acceleration. There are many stops during the game time, just enjoy.   
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Sexy Billiards is a pool game. You play with 15 color balls and a cue ball. The goal of each player is to collect their set of 7 balls (solid :1-7 or stripes: 9-15) and then finish with the black ball. You should indicate in which hole you will put the black one. The first player to legally collect his 8 balls wins the game. What is the feeling when playing with four sexy hot beauties, the Sexy Billiard the game will give us an answer. Cindy in the tight leather will give you the passion to overcome her. May in oriental suit show the mysterious attraction to you. stella the blonde dressed in red bikini, shows up with the least cover of her body, never worry about her skill of billiard, her mere standing in front of the table will extract you, and can??t be concentrated focusing on the balls. Gabrilla the Latina will give you some of the exotic affection when you bend down on the black 8. Sexy Billiard is a sports and billiard game,Have fun and enjoy.   
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Bubble Odyssey is a funny puzzle game. In this opus you have to shoot all the crystal balls of the same color. This addicting game integrates different options to bring a lot of fun to your young visitors.  
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Smart Driver  Dec 31  
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100 M Running  Dec 31  
wakeboard  Dec 31  
super golf  Dec 31  
golf  Dec 31  
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snow slalom  Dec 31  
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O MY HEAD  Dec 31  
MahJong Empire  Dec 31  
Sulky rider  Dec 31  
Sexy Billiards  Dec 31  
Bubble Odyssey  Dec 31  
Mah Jong Connect  7520   
Sexy Billiards  3991   
STAR WARS Skywalker  3154   
wakeboard  2864   
One Arm Bandit  2193   
Roulette  2043   
Bubble Shooter IV  1955   
Jet Ski Challenge  1923   
Caribbean Poker  1908   
WOW Connect  1835   
F1 Championship  1799   
Weight Lifting  1759   
Too fast Too Furious  1667   
Sulky rider  1637   
Solitaire  1576   
Blackjack  1512   
SWING CAT  1472   
super Kick off  1457   
Ski  1432   
Air Hockey Tournament  1411   
NBA Spirit  1393   
100 M Running  1335   
Color Painter  1315   
golf  1306   
snow slalom  1283   
Legend of PingPong  1269   
110m Hurdles  1265   
DR.JOE  1260   
Soccer Violence  1253   
Cheat Master  1233   
shoot\'em in  1232   
Tennis  1222   
Bubble Odyssey  1211   
Javelin Throw  1200   
Color Paint  1184   
Bonbon Foliz  1182   
Football Challenge  1160   
SNOOKER  1157   
Head Hunter  1155   
Super One Arm Band  1152   
kakuro Champion  1135   
Long Jump  1123   
Cartoon DIY  1120   
super golf  1113   
Naval Battle  1113   
Basket Ball  1108   
Find the differences  1095   
Connect 4  1086   
O MY HEAD  1085   
Christmas Snowball  1071   
MahJong Empire  1071   
MOTO RALLYE  1062   
Surf  1062   
LOVE LINE  1054   
SNOW THROW  1051   
Animal Memorial  1046   
YOYO THE STAR  1046   
bola  1045   
Memory  1029   
Smart Driver  1027   
Fruity Basket  1018   
Perfect Sudoku  1016   
Rotation  1012   
CAKE HEAVEN  1001   
fishhunter2  993   
Barbie is hungry  991   
MY-PUZZLE  973   
Christmas D.I.Y.  967   
Bubble Shooter IV 
Bonbon Foliz 
Super One Arm Band 
One Arm Bandit 
Caribbean Poker 
Too fast Too Furious 
Smart Driver 
Jet Ski Challenge 
F1 Championship 
Head Hunter 
Connect 4 
Animal Memorial 
Find the differences 
Color Painter 
Color Paint 
Soccer Violence 
Long Jump 
Javelin Throw 
Weight Lifting 
Air Hockey Tournament 
110m Hurdles 
100 M Running 
super golf 
super Kick off 
snow slalom 
shoot\'em in 
Basket Ball 
Naval Battle 
Mah Jong Connect 
Christmas D.I.Y. 
Perfect Sudoku 
Football Challenge 
Christmas Snowball 
Legend of PingPong 
kakuro Champion 
Fruity Basket 
WOW Connect 
NBA Spirit 
Cartoon DIY 
Barbie is hungry 
Cheat Master 
STAR WARS Skywalker 
MahJong Empire 
Sulky rider 
Sexy Billiards 
Bubble Odyssey 

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