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Hope you all enjoy this mini game I made - mainly for blowing things up - and seeing lots of blood. Maybe I will finish it and put more things in it - let me know what you think. There are ten levels- see if you can get to them all!  
    Play "Matrix Fighter" Flash Game !  (6843 Plays)

I made this game for Oscar De La Hoya in the Flash 4 days. Go around the world and try to become the ultimate knock-out Champion!  
    Play "2D Boxing" Flash Game !  (21170 Plays)

Hey all! This is a simple game, with all original art music and sound effects by me. I made it in a couple days - please don't judge it too hard :)

Use Mouse To Control Car
Get The Green Lights to gain speed!
Get the Money from the Yellow Pedestrians for Cash$$$$
Avoid the Red Light - it will slow you down ;)
Avoid the Red Guys!!!!!!   
    Play "3D Car Driver" Flash Game !  (6528 Plays)

Roam around this mini world and try to defeat the enemy Ninja Clan.

If you make too much noise, they will wake up, so try to get of them while they are sleeping.

This game won me Shocked Site of the Day, an award given to outstanding Flash websites and contents. I made this in Flash 4, ina few days, and it was a ton of fun.
    Play "Digininja RPG 1" Flash Game !  (3254 Plays)

This was a game I started to see if I could recreate one of my favorite games, ever.

It was just a test to see if I could get it working and feeling like the original. But soon I found out that it was really hard to code the way the enemies ganged up and circled you, so I put in on hold, for a while.

Use A,S,W,D to move, and use L to punch.

Use L to start the game.   
    Play "Renegade Demo" Flash Game !  (6505 Plays)

This is probably the most simply made game in Flash ever, but it's been copied alot!
Dodge the falling rocks and make sure you don't get crushed!
Use your mouse to guide your mini Ninja.  
    Play "Watchout!" Flash Game !  (2982 Plays)

Home Run Rally - a game where you try to hit as many Home Runs as you can!  
    Play "Homerun Rally" Flash Game !  (2302 Plays)

My first sports game, and trying to do 3D in Flash 4.
Try to get as many baskets as you can!  
    Play "3D Net Blazer" Flash Game !  (3664 Plays)

You may remember a similiar bonus game in Shinobi Part 1. Throw those ninja stars!  
    Play "Shuriken Assault" Flash Game !  (2089 Plays)

Override Codes (lowercase)
flashgamestudio (input two override codes) heads (select bonus heads) ants (play as ants) giants (play as giants) handicap (enemy starts with less energy) inferno (fireball size increase) flash (faster speed) phantom (invisibility) rageon (start with 1000 rage points)
1. Head Roll (Kneel, punch) 2. Spikes (Head Roll on Lava Board) 3. Heart (Back, Forward Punch 4. Fire (Grenade) 5. Explode (Close Back, Back, punch) 6. Head w/Spine (Close Forward 4 times, Punch) 7. Punch Half (Back 4 times, Punch) 8. Body w/Spine (Close Rage Kick) 9. Rock (Far Forward 5 Times, Punch) 10. Bomb (Far, Back 5 times, Kick) 11. Pieces (Far Cannon Ball) 12. Plane (Punch Half on Airplane Stage) 13. Head Explode (Close Rage Punch) 14. Electricity (Far forward 5 Times, Kick) 15. ??????   
    Play "Bloody Rage" Flash Game !  (13186 Plays)
Matrix Fighter  Dec 31  
2D Boxing  Dec 31  
3D Car Driver  Dec 31  
Digininja RPG 1  Dec 31  
Renegade Demo  Dec 31  
Watchout!  Dec 31  
Homerun Rally  Dec 31  
3D Net Blazer  Dec 31  
Shuriken Assault  Dec 31  
Bloody Rage  Dec 31  
2D Boxing  21170   
Bloody Rage  13186   
Matrix Fighter  6843   
3D Car Driver  6528   
Renegade Demo  6505   
3D Net Blazer  3664   
Digininja RPG 1  3254   
Watchout!  2982   
Homerun Rally  2302   
Shuriken Assault  2089   
Matrix Fighter 
2D Boxing 
3D Car Driver 
Digininja RPG 1 
Renegade Demo 
Homerun Rally 
3D Net Blazer 
Shuriken Assault 
Bloody Rage 

Spin Again  [?]

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