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bubbleboxZ  Joined 2009-03-12 15:08:02
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Fill the inkpot with bouncy balls. Place objects to fill the inkpot with at least eight balls.

Every object you use and every ball costs points, clear the level before the 100 points run out.  
    Play "Ink Ball" Flash Game !  (859 Plays)

Roly-Polys are back, pest control to the rescue! Eliminate the evil Roly-Polys in each level. Killing friendly ones results in 10 points penalty. Use the mouse to aim. Move the mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire. Finish the game in the least amount of shots to get a top score.   
    Play "Roly-Poly Cannon 3" Flash Game !  (1367 Plays)

Launch a chubby kid away from a giant bear. Launch the kid as far as possible to escape the giant bear! Use the mouse to set the angle and power.  
    Play "Kid Launcher" Flash Game !  (3933 Plays)

Take aim, shoot and remove the red balls. Bounce all red objects off the screen. Aim and fire with the mouse. Progress will be saved automatically.  
    Play "Hate Red" Flash Game !  (2881 Plays)

Help our time traveling Panda free Elvis from a future space prison. Help Elvis, the portaloo's rightful owner, out of prison in this point and click adventure game. Talk to various characters in the game to discover what they need to to do in order to solve the puzzles. Use the mouse to walk panda around and store your items in the inventory at the bottom of the screen.  
    Play "Pandas Bigger Adventure" Flash Game !  (7358 Plays)

Fight for the survival of the universe in this epic space shooter. Huge enemy space stations are attacking, your task is to save the universe. Arrow keys - move ship [Z] - Fire primary weapon ( German keyboards can use [Y] ) [X] - Fire secondary weapon [C] - Fire both weapons simultaneous Hold SPACE + LEFT/RIGHT - Change secondary weapon [0 to 9] - Weapon shortcuts SHIFT - Use speed boost (buy it first!) [P] - Pause  
    Play "Space Chaos" Flash Game !  (1893 Plays)

Protect your fruit from the lethal rain! Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Use your mouse to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by.  
    Play "Cover Orange 2" Flash Game !  (1930 Plays)

Spread your mutant infection across the entire world! Infect the entire world with your mutant zombie virus.The disease will spread as your zombies move around. Collect coins to buy upgrades in the 'lab' screen. Left click near people to start the infection. Use shortkeys [1..8] to select your special attack options.  
    Play "Infectonator World Domi" Flash Game !  (3969 Plays)

Escape the arctic cold and tell civilization about the alien presence. Complete all awards to unlock USB evidence files, from the main menu. Move the mouse around to explore, click to use items. Click I (icon) to open the inventory.  
    Play "Icescape 3" Flash Game !  (3193 Plays)

A one-button platformer! Use the Left Mouse Button (LMB) to move - Click and Hold it to run forward and release to jump! Use only one button to reach the exit! Use your Mouse to Move and Jump.  
    Play "Scribbland" Flash Game !  (1139 Plays)

Christmas 2009, Zombie Style! Infect humanity with your Zombie virus. The disease will spread as your zombies move around. Left click near people to start the infection. Collect coins to buy upgrades. Buy grenades and use them to stop Santa and guards from killing your zombies.  
    Play "Infectonator Christmas" Flash Game !  (1144 Plays)

Kill all Roly-Poly Monsters!
Kill all monsters using a limited amount of bombs.

Use your mouse to place a bomb.
Clear each level as quick as possible to get a top score.
    Play "Roly Poly Monsters" Flash Game !  (2037 Plays)

A very addictive physics based puzzle game. Shrink and grow objects to get the smiley to the exit.

Click to shrink, hold space and click to grow.  
    Play "Shrink It" Flash Game !  (1879 Plays)

Defend your base from the creeper and fight your way to safety. Push the advancing Creeper back and activate all Rift totems to transport Odin city to safety. Use the mouse to select a structure at the bottom left and place it on the map. Build collectors to provide energy and towers to fight the Creeper. Make sure all structures are connected to the city.  
    Play "Creeper World" Flash Game !  (3855 Plays)

You're a Ghosthunter collecting evidence of strange occurrences and paranormal phenomena.

You have to investigate and gather evidence about a creepy old cabin in the woods and its aged inhabitant, take photo's, use the metal detector, find and read diary's etc to discover what has been going on here and who the old man really is...

Use your mouse to point and click on the objecs. Click the "I" sign to access your inventory.  
    Play "Ghostscape 2: The Cabin" Flash Game !  (2380 Plays)

When Jean-Claude the megalomaniac mouse goes on stage, he becomes SUPER MOUSE! A planet rotates when you walk on its surface. This rotation will slowly close a gate in front of the moon. Make sure you reach it before the gate closes. Use the Space Bar or Click on a Planet to send Super Mouse fly in space!  
    Play "Fly Me to the Moon" Flash Game !  (1286 Plays)

If you can't run, HIDE! Make sure the orange smileys are protected from the deadly rain. Use your mouse to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by.  
    Play "Cover Orange" Flash Game !  (1867 Plays)

Wanted: a seasoned sniper to rectify twelve minor situations. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Press the spacebar to toggle your scope. Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals.  
    Play "Sniper: Year Two" Flash Game !  (2588 Plays)

Danger ahead! Find your way past many hazards. Use the arrow keys to move. You can clip onto walls and make a mid-air doublejump. Try to set a fast time and make your mark in the top scores!  
    Play "Lint" Flash Game !  (2130 Plays)

You're cute, colorful and dangerous! Use your MOUSE to move, CLICK to blow up the enemy. Blow up several enemies at once to score combos Pick up white balls to increase the score multiplier  
    Play "Color the Void" Flash Game !  (1244 Plays)

You're a ninja and you're on the run. Escape into victory by speeding up, activating special quick-time actions, dodging obstacles and slaying foes. Use the ARROW KEYS to run, jump and dive. [A] to use your dagger [S] to throw shuriken [D] to dive [P] to pauze Use the [A,S,and D] keys during the quicktime events.  
    Play "Night Shade" Flash Game !  (4198 Plays)

Recycle an army of critters before they take over your desktop. Stop the waves of critters from finding the exit. Build towers and use your pencil to scratch / hover over the critters to damage them. As the game progresses you unlock new ways to use your pencil and new towers to build.  
    Play "Paper War" Flash Game !  (1626 Plays)

Make the Roly-Polys dissapear once again! Eliminate all evil roly polys. Try not to hurt the friendly roly-polys. Click the shiny blocks to interact with the environment. Press the spacebar to reset the level or use the button from the menu.   
    Play "Roly Poly Eliminator" Flash Game !  (2442 Plays)

You're assigned to dock a remote space station... Dock the top-secret archeological mining station. Find out why it hasn't given a sign of life in months and fix the problem. Use your mouse. Objects can be combined and used to interact with the environment.  
    Play "Space Oddity" Flash Game !  (1180 Plays)

On a secret mission Panda discovers a time traveling toilet. Parts of your time traveling 'portaloo' are scattered across time. Point and click to recover the parts and bring Panda home safely.  
    Play "Panda's BIG Advent" Flash Game !  (2678 Plays)

Use Boxmans Friends to get ahead in this puzzle platformer. Can you complete all levels without using the walkthrough? Levels range from very simple to VERY hard :) Think logically. Cast clones to help you reach the exit point. Use the arrow keys to move, [SHIFT] to create a clone. Clones are assigned the same action you make at the moment of casting. Press [R] to restart a level when you're stuck.  
    Play "Use Boxmen" Flash Game !  (2070 Plays)

Fluffies like to get themselves in complex situations. Connected to eachother with ropes they have formed a complex web. They need you to untangle them and make them happy! Click and drag to untangle the Fluffies. There should be no overlapping lines. In the bonus games (after every fourth level) connect the Fluffies to match the figure in the top-right of the screen with Fluffies of the same color.   
    Play "Fluffies" Flash Game !  (1373 Plays)

Roly-Polys are back, and this time they are evil! Eliminate the evil Roly-Polys in each level. (killing friendly ones results in 10 points penalty) Finish the game in the least amount of shots to get a top score. Use the mouse to aim. Move the mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire.  
    Play "Roly-Poly Cannon 2" Flash Game !  (3798 Plays)

Annihilate your enemy to ensure the survival of your species. Enter the territory of hungry ants and roaches! Total elimination of the enemy is the only way to ensure survival of your species. Colonize and annihilate the enemy. Click your colonies individually or click and drag to select multiple colonies. Click a neutral or enemy colony to attack. Build defensive towers to protect your colonies from invaders.  
    Play "Bug War" Flash Game !  (1635 Plays)

Protect your base at all cost. Defend the Power Core. Gather 'material' from defeated enemies to buy upgrades to your base and your defense vehicle. [W,A,S,D] or Arrow Keys to move. Mouse to aim Left Mouse Button to shoot  
    Play "Core Defense" Flash Game !  (4333 Plays)

Tactical role-playing game, save your Kingdom from it's evil intruders. Travel through the land to battle the intruders. Visit cities for missions, trading and to restore your health by sleeping at the inn. Join guilds and find new recruits to join your party of warriors. You can lockpick the treasures you find, visit Grandpa to find out how to unlock them.  
    Play "Ultimate Tactics" Flash Game !  (1404 Plays)

Sink the Balls into the Goals within the Shot Limit to beat the level! Use the mouse to aim and shoot. To view the shot power click and drag the mouse, release the mouse button the shoot.  
    Play "Plunk Pool 2" Flash Game !  (1985 Plays)

Save the nation from the Easter Bunny terror! The evil bunnies are back for Easter! You're mr. Frost, "the Bunny Warrior". After successfully saving your local pub from the big-eared mammals, you're now facing an even bigger fight at the motel.

Defend the motel from incoming bunnies.
Use the mouse to aim and fire.
Use the numeric keys [0] to [9] to select a weapon, or [Q] and [E] to scroll through weapons.
[A] and [S] keys to throw grenades.
Spacebar or [R] to reload.
Press [P] to pauze.
    Play "Bunny Invasion ES" Flash Game !  (7366 Plays)

Take control of a huge space vessel, buy upgrades to resist enemy attack. The enemy will try to criple you by launching an all-out attack, protect your vessel by all means necessary. There's a huge amount of weapons and upgrades available to turn your ship into an undefeatable war machine. Mouse to aim and fire the main gun [A] and [D] or arrow keys to scroll the view Spacebar to access the build&upgrades screen [C] to center the view, [H] to toggle the hit-points overlay, [J] to toggle the HUD visiblity, [P] to pause, [Q] to toggle quality, [M] to toggle sound. Don't forget to build drones to repair your vessel.  
    Play "Orbital Decay" Flash Game !  (1489 Plays)

Take out your targets fast and efficiently. A tactical sniper game that requires fast thinking and accuracy. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Press the spacebar to toggle your scope. Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals. Headshots count as 100% accuracy, bodyshots 50%.  
    Play "Sniper: Year One" Flash Game !  (5955 Plays)

Safely guide the spheres through dangerous territory. Attract the smaller spheres and guide them safely to the light blue sphere. The spheres should not touch red surfaces. Left click to activate/deactivate the attraction mechanism. You will only attract spheres if you are close enough. Press space to restart the level.  
    Play "Gen" Flash Game !  (1374 Plays)
Ink Ball  Dec 31  
Roly-Poly Cannon 3  Dec 31  
Kid Launcher  Dec 31  
Hate Red  Dec 31  
Pandas Bigger Adventure  Dec 31  
Space Chaos  Dec 31  
Cover Orange 2  Dec 31  
Infectonator World Domi  Dec 31  
Icescape 3  Dec 31  
Scribbland  Dec 31  
Infectonator Christmas  Dec 31  
Roly Poly Monsters  Dec 31  
Shrink It  Dec 31  
Creeper World  Dec 31  
Ghostscape 2: The Cabin  Dec 31  
Fly Me to the Moon  Dec 31  
Cover Orange  Dec 31  
Sniper: Year Two  Dec 31  
Lint  Dec 31  
Color the Void  Dec 31  
Night Shade  Dec 31  
Paper War  Dec 31  
Roly Poly Eliminator  Dec 31  
Space Oddity  Dec 31  
Panda\'s BIG Advent  Dec 31  
Use Boxmen  Dec 31  
Fluffies  Dec 31  
Roly-Poly Cannon 2  Dec 31  
Bug War  Dec 31  
Core Defense  Dec 31  
Ultimate Tactics  Dec 31  
Plunk Pool 2  Dec 31  
Bunny Invasion ES  Dec 31  
Orbital Decay  Dec 31  
Sniper: Year One  Dec 31  
Gen  Dec 31  
Bunny Invasion ES  7366   
Pandas Bigger Adventure  7358   
Sniper: Year One  5955   
Core Defense  4333   
Night Shade  4198   
Infectonator World Domi  3969   
Kid Launcher  3933   
Creeper World  3855   
Roly-Poly Cannon 2  3798   
Icescape 3  3193   
Hate Red  2881   
Panda\'s BIG Advent  2678   
Sniper: Year Two  2588   
Roly Poly Eliminator  2442   
Ghostscape 2: The Cabin  2380   
Lint  2130   
Use Boxmen  2070   
Roly Poly Monsters  2037   
Plunk Pool 2  1985   
Cover Orange 2  1930   
Space Chaos  1893   
Shrink It  1879   
Cover Orange  1867   
Bug War  1635   
Paper War  1626   
Orbital Decay  1489   
Ultimate Tactics  1404   
Gen  1374   
Fluffies  1373   
Roly-Poly Cannon 3  1367   
Fly Me to the Moon  1286   
Color the Void  1244   
Space Oddity  1180   
Infectonator Christmas  1144   
Scribbland  1139   
Ink Ball  859   
Ink Ball 
Roly-Poly Cannon 3 
Kid Launcher 
Hate Red 
Pandas Bigger Adventure 
Space Chaos 
Cover Orange 2 
Infectonator World Domi 
Icescape 3 
Infectonator Christmas 
Roly Poly Monsters 
Shrink It 
Creeper World 
Ghostscape 2: The Cabin 
Fly Me to the Moon 
Cover Orange 
Sniper: Year Two 
Color the Void 
Night Shade 
Paper War 
Roly Poly Eliminator 
Space Oddity 
Panda\'s BIG Advent 
Use Boxmen 
Roly-Poly Cannon 2 
Bug War 
Core Defense 
Ultimate Tactics 
Plunk Pool 2 
Bunny Invasion ES 
Orbital Decay 
Sniper: Year One 

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