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Play Assault Gunship Helicopter Combat on forest scene. Launch missiles, and shoot Heavy Machine Guns at the various land turret and aircraft enemies that appear to intercept your mission. Upgrade your Helicopter Armor.Rocket and Gun Defeat The boss plane to win the game

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C : Auto Shoot
Space : Rocket
N : Sound Off
M : Mute
P : Pause
    Play "Assault Helicopter" Flash Game !  (2091 Plays)

Gift delivery of best christmas gift to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours. Ensure you send your gift packages.

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A/D or left/right arrow : adjust direction W/S or up/down arrow : adjust power Space: throw gift package R: reset
    Play "Gift Giver" Flash Game !  (1217 Plays)

Monkey goes to outer space to kick aliens out of earth

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Movement: Mouse Shoot Cannon: Left Click: Manual shooting "c" aouto shooting "z" change cannon if available Drop Rocket/Mines: Space "x" change Rocket or Mines Control: M: Mute N:Music off

MOVE > Arrows keys or A,S,W,D
SHOOT/FIRE > Spacebar
    Play "Astro Monkey" Flash Game !  (977 Plays)

Zombie Sniping Game. Shoot Down All Zombies before they are escape
    Play "Living-Night" Flash Game !  (1105 Plays)

Cruising along the sea and beach destroy enemy who trying to sink your cruiser ship. Featured:Bos and Mini Bos  
    Play "Cruiser" Flash Game !  (1322 Plays)

Shoot target as fast as possible, and use arrow as least as possible

    Play "Hunter Trainer" Flash Game !  (1031 Plays)
Assault Helicopter  Dec 31  
Gift Giver  Dec 31  
Astro Monkey  Dec 31  
Living-Night  Dec 31  
Cruiser  Dec 31  
Hunter Trainer  Dec 31  
Assault Helicopter  2091   
Cruiser  1322   
Gift Giver  1217   
Living-Night  1105   
Hunter Trainer  1031   
Astro Monkey  977   
Assault Helicopter 
Gift Giver 
Astro Monkey 
Hunter Trainer 

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