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Wanna talk to a creepy murderous psychopathic doll? The more you talk the more she has to say and the more presents you get for her the more abusive she'll become! Enter at your own risk ;-)

Click the string to make her talk, the more you click the more she has to say. Eat worms, flies and spiders for extra points. Dont forget to submit your score when you think its high enough!   
    Play "Creepy Doll" Flash Game !  (2585 Plays)

You are suspended in a vat of fluid in a Science Lab, escape the vat and the lab and find out who you are and what they have done to you...

Mouse over things for descriptions, click them to interact or get ?text messages?  
    Play "Being One" Flash Game !  (1244 Plays)

Spin the words in 3D Space around to the front & center, click em to move onto the next.

Mouse position moves the 3D wordsphere, left mouse to click when they are centered and in front.  
    Play "Wordsphere" Flash Game !  (1096 Plays)

A series of challenges await within a machine called ANI - Artificial Nanotech Intelligence.

ANI has denied outside access, formed puzzle defenses and has protected herself in many ways.

It's your job to go through her defenses and shut her down manually as quickly as possible. Good Luck!
    Play "Biomex" Flash Game !  (1465 Plays)
Creepy Doll  Dec 31  
Being One  Dec 31  
Wordsphere  Dec 31  
Biomex  Dec 31  
Creepy Doll  2585   
Biomex  1465   
Being One  1244   
Wordsphere  1096   
Creepy Doll 
Being One 

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