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foggames  Joined 2011-04-06 06:36:38
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Steer your Rocketpack to collect items in the sky while you try to survive a meteorite onslaught!. Collect enough items from the sky and upgrade your weaponry.  
    Play "Twitchpack" Flash Game !  (2340 Plays)

You're against the clock in order to get the highest score possible. Do you risk going for the big multiplier at the edge of the bar or play it safe and drop them in the middle? You decide in Bar Balance, go for the high score.  
    Play "Bar Balance" Flash Game !  (996 Plays)

Material Mole is back and he's better than ever. Deliver the goods from one point to another, however each level has hidden gems and items to find. Can you find them all?  
    Play "Material Mole 2" Flash Game !  (1973 Plays)

Dive deep into the oceans of the world in search of treasure and rare specimens, but make sure you've got enough oxygen! New features include various enemies such as sharks and jellyfish as well as achievements and other goodies!  
    Play "Deep Diver 2" Flash Game !  (760 Plays)

Your prince has been stolen by an angry dragon, it's time to gather your forces and rescue him from certain doom in Tower Moon. Be wise in your troop selection as the wrong move can mean total failure.   
    Play "Tower Moon" Flash Game !  (1298 Plays)

It's time to defend the earth in this twist on the old breakout style of gameplay. Instead of breaking bricks, you're defending them against meteor strikes from the evil space panda.  
    Play "Brick Galaxy" Flash Game !  (758 Plays)

More people are in need of rescuing in Paper Floods 2. Place your tools in order to save the flood stricken pedestrians and ensure their safety.  
    Play "Paper Floods 2" Flash Game !  (800 Plays)

Save the dude from the flood using your superb puzzle solving skills!  
    Play "Paper Floods" Flash Game !  (1137 Plays)

Guide the cat to the cheezeburger. Will he get hiz munch on?  
    Play "Burger Cat" Flash Game !  (958 Plays)
Twitchpack  Dec 31  
Bar Balance  Dec 31  
Material Mole 2  Dec 31  
Deep Diver 2  Dec 31  
Tower Moon  Dec 31  
Brick Galaxy  Dec 31  
Paper Floods 2  Dec 31  
Paper Floods  Dec 31  
Burger Cat  Dec 31  
Twitchpack  2340   
Material Mole 2  1973   
Tower Moon  1298   
Paper Floods  1137   
Bar Balance  996   
Burger Cat  958   
Paper Floods 2  800   
Deep Diver 2  760   
Brick Galaxy  758   
Bar Balance 
Material Mole 2 
Deep Diver 2 
Tower Moon 
Brick Galaxy 
Paper Floods 2 
Paper Floods 
Burger Cat 

Spin Again  [?]

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