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Mousebreaker  Joined 2009-02-25 11:23:19
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Snowboarding Slalom Xtreme! It's a downhill winter Slalom. The idea is to snowboard down between the flags and try and make it to the bottom of the slope in record time. Not as easy as it sounds however, remember to look out for the exploding snowmen and the suicide penguins as you make your way down.   
    Play "Snowboarding Slalom" Flash Game !  (1406 Plays)

The Mousebreaker Inn is opening in a 5 days time, but what's this? Hoodlums & thugs have caught the scent of alcohol and are coming to loot the place! It's up to you to save the pub, get on the roof and defend, soldier!  
    Play "Pub Defender" Flash Game !  (2965 Plays)

He's made his list & checked it twice - but Santa's fresh out of coal. Help him dish out some Xmas justice to those who have not been on there best behaviour this year. The likes of Thierry Henry have of course made the list!   
    Play "Christmas Naughty List" Flash Game !  (3325 Plays)

It's derby day in the Premiership with Arsenal up against Chelsea and Liverpool facing Everton. Take one of the four managers and guide your team to goal. You must organise your players to work around the opposition's defence and find the route to goal. You'll get bonus points for using all your players.  
    Play "Soccer Set Superstars" Flash Game !  (2459 Plays)

Less than a month 'til Christmas, Mousebreaker has a festive game for all you gamers - Santa Keep Uppy. 10 levels of ball-juggling fun with the man in red. Using Santa's samba skills, burst the balloons before your time runs out!   
    Play "Santa Keepy Uppy" Flash Game !  (1611 Plays)

It's closing time, and you've had about 5 too many. Avoid the policemen and pink elephants with the power of projectile vomit and find a bed for the night!  
    Play "Beer Barf Blast Off" Flash Game !  (1480 Plays)

It's volleys with power ups! Use wicked aftertouch, freeze the goalie or put off the opposition with some cutting insults - whatever you need to give you the edge.  
    Play "Arcade Volley" Flash Game !  (1702 Plays)

Hit a few home runs in your time? With limited time, you'll need timing, accuracy and luck to hit every star on all 30 levels... Move the Mouse to aim, click to swing.  
    Play "Slugger Baseball" Flash Game !  (2633 Plays)

All good things must come to an end, and Being One is the same. In the final chapter, will all finally be revealed?  
    Play "Being One 4" Flash Game !  (1825 Plays)

Danger, High Vault-age! Three pole-vaulting attempts, can you set the bar to the highest point, and still make a perfect landing?   
    Play "Hyper Vault" Flash Game !  (1928 Plays)

Help Bad Mr Adebayor celebrate in style - sprint the length of the pitch, hop on a rival, then skid towards the opposition fans dodging the bottles... Click every 0.5 seconds to run towards the fans. Press Spacebar to stamp on Van Persie's head. Move the mouse to control the slide and avoid the objects being thrown.  
    Play "Bad Adebayor" Flash Game !  (2557 Plays)

What horrors await as you delve deeper into the laboratory in part 3 of our popular science fiction adventure series?  
    Play "Being One 3" Flash Game !  (1482 Plays)

It's time to take to the water and race against the clock. Watch out for obstacles, and prove that you deserve to be the Waterski Champion!  
    Play "Waterski Champion" Flash Game !  (2019 Plays)

Play For Your Club is back for a new season! Now with real life fixtures, the game lets you volley your team to glory. It's time to find out who has the best fans once and for all...  
    Play "Play For Your Club" Flash Game !  (2349 Plays)

The science fiction adventure continues! You may have escaped the basement laboratory, but the sinister discoveries just keep on coming...  
    Play "Being One: 2" Flash Game !  (1385 Plays)

You've played the sneak-out games, now it's time to sneak-in to a music festival. Can you make it in time to see Mousebreaker live?  
    Play "Festival Sneak In" Flash Game !  (1155 Plays)

Stuck behind a desk, yearning for a muddy field in Somerset? Take out your anger by maturely dampening some innocent bands' spirits...  
    Play "Festival Bot" Flash Game !  (1019 Plays)

A classic version of the Blast Billiards series, re-released- this time with holes rather than pockets! Pot 6 balls on each level without hitting the 3 bombs.
Position the cue using the mouse. Hold the left mouse button down to start the power bar and release to stop it and take your shot.
    Play "BlastBar Billiards" Flash Game !  (1382 Plays)

What would happen if brain-hungry zombies replaced the entire Aussie Ashes team? Time to put those batting skills to good use!

Game instructions: Mouse click to swing your bat
For best results hit it on the bounce
Hit it nearer the sweet spot for the hardest hit!   
    Play "Ashes 2 Ashes:" Flash Game !  (3714 Plays)

In this science fiction adventure thriller you awake in a strange vat in a disturbing laboratory. You have no idea who you are, where you are or even WHAT you are!
click to interact with your surroundings
    Play "Being One" Flash Game !  (1224 Plays)

Forget gridlock, racing along motorways should be this fun! Pick up some sweets from the service station, and burn rubber!
Use the arrow keys to steer and move
    Play "M1 Car Racing" Flash Game !  (1743 Plays)

Loved Hapland? Try Beerland! Interact with the scenery, solve the puzzles and make this unusual pub take off!
Click on the various objects and animals to interact with the scenery

    Play "Beerland" Flash Game !  (1431 Plays)

Wouldn't pool be even better if it involved cars? And wouldn't driving be better if it involved potting balls? Time to find out!
Instructions: Use the arrow keys to control your car and pot the balls in the pockets
    Play "Car Pool" Flash Game !  (1711 Plays)

You've lost the crunch match and the manager is furious! Can you get out of the stadium and safely home to avoid the teacup throwing fury?

Use the arrow keys to navigate your way to freedom!
    Play "Stadium Sneakout!" Flash Game !  (6986 Plays)

Spin your tires to leave perfect circular skids in this brilliant arcade driving game. A full baker's dozen of levels for true donut masters!

You?ll need a sharp eye and quick fingers to avoid the explosives and cars and make your donuts within the time limit!
Use the cursor keys to leave a skid mark donut inside the marked circles
    Play "Drivin' Donuts" Flash Game !  (1031 Plays)

What do Pele, Van Basten and Trevor Sinclair have in common? They all scored gravity defying overhead kicks! Can you?

MOVE > mouse
SHOOT > Left-click
    Play "Overhead Champion" Flash Game !  (2902 Plays)

Fat Cat banker Fred The Shred and his pals are living the high life while their banks have gone down the toilet. Now's your chance to get some cash back!

Mouse Over the notes to collect the cash
    Play "Fat Cat Cashback" Flash Game !  (3121 Plays)

Manage a Formula 1 motorracing team!

Hire a driver, a cute grid girl and pit crew, design a racecar and race through a full season in our amazing grand prix game!  
    Play "Grand Prix Tycoon" Flash Game !  (23234 Plays)
Snowboarding Slalom  Dec 31  
Pub Defender  Dec 31  
Christmas Naughty List  Dec 31  
Soccer Set Superstars  Dec 31  
Santa Keepy Uppy  Dec 31  
Beer Barf Blast Off  Dec 31  
Arcade Volley  Dec 31  
Slugger Baseball  Dec 31  
Being One 4  Dec 31  
Hyper Vault  Dec 31  
Bad Adebayor  Dec 31  
Being One 3  Dec 31  
Waterski Champion  Dec 31  
Play For Your Club  Dec 31  
Being One: 2  Dec 31  
Festival Sneak In  Dec 31  
Festival Bot  Dec 31  
BlastBar Billiards  Dec 31  
Ashes 2 Ashes:  Dec 31  
Being One  Dec 31  
M1 Car Racing  Dec 31  
Beerland  Dec 31  
Car Pool  Dec 31  
Stadium Sneakout!  Dec 31  
Drivin\' Donuts  Dec 31  
Overhead Champion  Dec 31  
Fat Cat Cashback  Dec 31  
Grand Prix Tycoon  Dec 31  
Grand Prix Tycoon  23234   
Stadium Sneakout!  6986   
Ashes 2 Ashes:  3714   
Christmas Naughty List  3325   
Fat Cat Cashback  3121   
Pub Defender  2965   
Overhead Champion  2902   
Slugger Baseball  2633   
Bad Adebayor  2557   
Soccer Set Superstars  2459   
Play For Your Club  2349   
Waterski Champion  2019   
Hyper Vault  1928   
Being One 4  1825   
M1 Car Racing  1743   
Car Pool  1711   
Arcade Volley  1702   
Santa Keepy Uppy  1611   
Being One 3  1482   
Beer Barf Blast Off  1480   
Beerland  1431   
Snowboarding Slalom  1406   
Being One: 2  1385   
BlastBar Billiards  1382   
Being One  1224   
Festival Sneak In  1155   
Drivin\' Donuts  1031   
Festival Bot  1019   
Snowboarding Slalom 
Pub Defender 
Christmas Naughty List 
Soccer Set Superstars 
Santa Keepy Uppy 
Beer Barf Blast Off 
Arcade Volley 
Slugger Baseball 
Being One 4 
Hyper Vault 
Bad Adebayor 
Being One 3 
Waterski Champion 
Play For Your Club 
Being One: 2 
Festival Sneak In 
Festival Bot 
BlastBar Billiards 
Ashes 2 Ashes: 
Being One 
M1 Car Racing 
Car Pool 
Stadium Sneakout! 
Drivin\' Donuts 
Overhead Champion 
Fat Cat Cashback 
Grand Prix Tycoon 

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