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Herd the ladybugs to eat the aphids, 25 levels, 3 difficulty levels, watch out for spiders, poisonous mushrooms and sticky spider webs, and dont let your bugs get too fat. Every 5ths level is a bonus points round. Touching webs attracts spiders! (Easy mode spiders are disabled)  
    Play "Bug Off" Flash Game !  (1200 Plays)

Defend the Earth from alien invaders by bouncing your shots off the walls. L/R Arrow Keys / A, D - Move Tank Left and Right Space - Fire U/D Arrow Keys / W, S - Navigate Special Weapons CTRL (Hold Down) - Deploy Special Weapon CTRL (Release) - Activate Special Weapon  
    Play "My! Invasion" Flash Game !  (1137 Plays)

Keep the mouse over square hero to make him jumping. Collect 50 stars to get booster (click mouse to activate). Collect 150 stars to get trampoline.  
    Play "Square Jump" Flash Game !  (1052 Plays)

This game is all about speed and precision. Snipe your targets from a distance. Take out the major targets to gain bonus time and ammo. Controls: Mouse to Shoot, Up and Down Arrow Keys to Zoom in or out, Left and Right Arrow Keys to change the current photo.  
    Play "Silent Kill" Flash Game !  (1602 Plays)

Haven't you always wanted to fly around, destroying creeps and building defenses to survive? Don't let the enemy cars drive pass the finish line. Use your towers to inflict damage on them and watch the sparks fly. This is not the average generic tower defense game. This game requires great multitasking, but is a simple game to start, and hard to master. Enjoy! Controls: Mouse & Arrow Keys  
    Play "Speedway TD" Flash Game !  (1448 Plays)

Panda Star is a charming puzzle/action game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Fly your panda through the night sky using the left and right arrow keys or the a and d keys. Collect stars to keep up your momentum and to complete each level. If you run out of momentum use a boost with the space button to keep on flying. Controls: Left and Right arrow keys or the A and D keys, Space button to keep on flying  
    Play "Panda Star" Flash Game !  (1385 Plays)

A platform game where the main character rides a pogo stick. Pogo Pete's partner, Paula, has been purloined by a pack of propeller pirates. Pick up the pineapples and avoid the pikes to help get her back. Controls: Left and Right arrow keys  
    Play "Pogo Pete" Flash Game !  (1069 Plays)

Prison Governor has organized the basketball tournament for most polite prisoners. Win it and your time in prison will be shortened! The game has "Tournament mode" whitch includes 10 quick but not easy levels. Also you can play in "training mode". Graphics are inspired by a classic game Sensible Soccer.

MOVE > Arrows keys
SHOOT> "Ctrl" Key
    Play "Prison Basketball" Flash Game !  (2818 Plays)

Guide your star to hit the targets and beware of special conditions.Use the key arrows to move and hit the targets avoiding the spikes.  
    Play "Black n Orange" Flash Game !  (1158 Plays)
Bug Off  Dec 31  
My! Invasion  Dec 31  
Square Jump  Dec 31  
Silent Kill  Dec 31  
Speedway TD  Dec 31  
Panda Star  Dec 31  
Pogo Pete  Dec 31  
Prison Basketball  Dec 31  
Black n Orange  Dec 31  
Prison Basketball  2818   
Silent Kill  1602   
Speedway TD  1448   
Panda Star  1385   
Bug Off  1200   
Black n Orange  1158   
My! Invasion  1137   
Pogo Pete  1069   
Square Jump  1052   
Bug Off 
My! Invasion 
Square Jump 
Silent Kill 
Speedway TD 
Panda Star 
Pogo Pete 
Prison Basketball 
Black n Orange 

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