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Match 3 meets Poker. Swap cards to make poker hands.

Swap cards horizontally or vertically, by clicking and dragging them or by clicking on a card, then clicking on another card to form a poker hand.

Straights and full houses must be in order to count as a match.

    Play "Poker Match 2" Flash Game !  (1450 Plays)

Survive as long as you can, gathering batteries without getting caught between the quickly moving walls.
    Play "Kersplat" Flash Game !  (1055 Plays)

A frantic poker themed puzzle game.

* Click on a card to select it
* Move the card horizontally, by dragging the mouse or using the left or right arrow keys to swap the card with
card in that direction.
* Form poker hands to score.
* Hold control to speed things up.
* Dbl-click a card or hit space to drop a bomb on the selected card.
* The game ends when the cards reach the top.
    Play "Poker Challenge" Flash Game !  (1128 Plays)
Poker Match 2  Dec 31  
Kersplat  Dec 31  
Poker Challenge  Dec 31  
Poker Match 2  1450   
Poker Challenge  1128   
Kersplat  1055   
Poker Match 2 
Poker Challenge 

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