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Perfect Nail Makeover is a fun and colourful manicure game. You can shape the nails to one of three different styles then choose thirty different colours to paint the nails. Once you have painted the nails you should decorate them so you have a professional finish to them. The better the nails look the more likely you are to get repeat business from the customer.   
    Play "Perfect Nail Makeover" Flash Game !  (590 Plays)

Britney Spears is back and she needs a new stylist. Miss Spears contacted you to be her personal stylist for to nights performance. Take your time to make her look as beautiful as possible so when she goes out on stage all the fans cheer extra loud. Do her make up first then do her hair, once you have done them you should try to choose the right outfit for her that goes best with her makeover.   
    Play "Britney Spears Make Up" Flash Game !  (620 Plays)

This girl loves to get in front of her mirror to change her style each day. Her brightly coloured hair and styles suit her perfectly. Your options in this game can be found in the mirror. They consist of Clothes, Hair Style, Hair color, Eye color, Necklaces, Earrings, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Nail Color and Eyelash shapes. With such a wide range of different items to to play with, the styles are only limited by your imagination!   
    Play "Snazzy Makeover" Flash Game !  (673 Plays)

Shakira is in need of a big makeover to be ready for her next music video. This music video will be displayed on MTV and every other music tv station around the world, so looking good is important. Use your skills to make the perfect look with the items you have available.  
    Play "Shakira Makeover" Flash Game !  (648 Plays)

Running your own manicure shop is not an easy task, especially when every manicure shop pretty much does the same thing! Today its your job to figure out a new style, mix and match the colors and artistic items until you find the new trend that everyone wants. Take your time and use your creative side to make the next big thing.  
    Play "Nail Makeover Time" Flash Game !  (627 Plays)

This foot model will be showing off some new shoes at a photo shoot later on today. Use your awesome makeover skills and create your work of art on her feet. Making her feet look perfect will be exactly what the photographers are looking for as well as the fashion companies.  
    Play "Fabulous Feet" Flash Game !  (1272 Plays)

This cute little horse is looking for a makeover, it will be taking the lead of a main character in a TV show so looking good is important. Since you have great skills in fashion and design, you should try to make the best outfit possible. Take your time to mix and match each of the items of clothing until you come up with something that looks great.  
    Play "Pimp My Pony" Flash Game !  (697 Plays)

This girl has just arrived in town and heard that your store does excellent foot makeovers. Show this girl just how good you are by making her feet look as beautiful as possible. Paint her nails, choose the stickers for her nails, feet decoration and shoes. Mix and match colors and styles until you find a great combination of items.  
    Play "Foot Manicure 3" Flash Game !  (634 Plays)

Even male superstars get makeovers before they appear live on stage or on TV. Justin Bieber is no different, he needs you to give him the coolest makeover possible so all the girls will adore him. He will be interviewed live on TV in front of millions of people so its important that he looks his best. Do you think you can help him look his best?  
    Play "Justin Bieber Makeover" Flash Game !  (1186 Plays)

Rihannas makeover assistant is stuck in traffic and she needs a replacement. Use your makeover abilities and give Rihanna the best makeover shes ever had, who knows maybe she will ask you to work for her full time! Making Rihanna look awesome is the main concern since her live interview is about to take place on channel 2. Use mouse to play this game.  
    Play "Rihanna Makeover" Flash Game !  (662 Plays)

The amazing pop star Kesha is in need of a makeover for her live performance. Her regular makeover artist has fallen sick, you have stepped up to the plate and taken the job as the new Makeover Artist. Make sure you do an excellent job making her look as hip and fashionable as possible. This live concert will be in front of thousands of people so she has to look perfect for her performance.  
    Play "Kesha Makeover" Flash Game !  (759 Plays)

Jennifer Garner the super star celebrity is trying to get ready for her live interview on TV, but there is one thing holding her back and that is her makeup artist. Since her makeup artist didn't show Jennifer is asking you to step in and do her makeup. This is your chance to show off your amazing make over skills! Use mouse to interact.  
    Play "Jen Garner Makeover" Flash Game !  (626 Plays)
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Perfect Nail Makeover 
Britney Spears Make Up 
Snazzy Makeover 
Shakira Makeover 
Nail Makeover Time 
Fabulous Feet 
Pimp My Pony 
Foot Manicure 3 
Justin Bieber Makeover 
Rihanna Makeover 
Kesha Makeover 
Jen Garner Makeover 

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