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This lucky girl just met the boy of her dreams. Now she's going to have to finish all of her chores while getting ready for the date AND avoid her mother's grounding stare! If she catches you putting on perfume or fixing up your hair, you're grounded, and you can forget about your dream date.rnrnUse your mouse to plan your day, fix yourself up for your dream date, and get to the park!  
    Play "Date Dream Boy" Flash Game !  (822 Plays)

It wouldn't be the same if these Fudgy Brownies didn't have Walnuts. These chocolate brownie mix looks just as delicious as the finished product. Follow the directions carefully and blend these cocoa powder into the perfect chocolatey treat!rnrnUse your mouse to follow the instructions and create these delicious deserts.  
    Play "Fudgy Walnut Brownies" Flash Game !  (716 Plays)

The kitchen is a complete after having your friends round while your parents were out. They just called to say they were on the way home, time to clean up the kitchen before they get here! The quicker you clean the kitchen the higher your score will be, dont forget to wash the plates as well as clean them, clean the floor and clear the table!  
    Play "Kitchen Clean up" Flash Game !  (605 Plays)

Are you ready to lean how to cook a wonderful desert? The desert on the menu today is a super yummy banana split! It is your job to make these all day long while the shop is open, you might as well learn how to do it now before the shop opens, the bright side of this job is when you get home you can make banana splits professionally for your family!  
    Play "Make A Banana Split" Flash Game !  (801 Plays)

Mmmm... did someone say egg tarts? These things are wonderful to eat, its a good job your learning how to cook them, this is your chance to learn something new for a change. Follow the on screen instructions to know what you have to do, if you follow them correctly you will make one of the most tasty banana splits you have ever had in your life!  
    Play "Cute Little Individual" Flash Game !  (603 Plays)

Its time to learn how to cook a new meal, this one is going to be Sushi, you will be going through all the instructions 1 by 1 until you complete the sushi rolls.Once you have completed the sushi rolls for your family to enjoy, you can sit with them and enjoy your very own Asian creations! Who ever said leaning to cook want fun!   
    Play "Speedy Sushi Creation" Flash Game !  (584 Plays)

Lara is not impressed with Lea in the Art Class, Lea is always getting all the attention in school, especially in Art Class! Lara comes up with a great idea to try and stop this from happening! Al you have to do is help Lara mess up all the paintings Lea does. For this plan to work you need to do it when Lea can't see Lara messing up her work of arts!   
    Play "Mystery In The Artclass" Flash Game !  (569 Plays)

Mmmm... Who doesn't like Brownies, especially when they are double brownies! If you like sweet foods like brownies you will certainly enjoy this game. Learn how to cook the most delicious brownies possible. To do this you will need to follow the instructions step by step until the brownies have been completed. This game will surely get your taste buds working!   
    Play "Double Brownies Cooking" Flash Game !  (614 Plays)

Spaghetti Carbonara if cooked properly is one of the tastiest pasta dishes from Italy. Its time to learn how to cook this delightful meal, follow the instructions in the game, go through each step taking your time so you get it right first time. You cant really go wrong as long as you follow the instructions.   
    Play "Spaghetti Carbonara" Flash Game !  (635 Plays)

The girl in this game really likes the boy on her right side. To get the boy to kiss the girl, you will need to apply all the fashion and make up items to make girl while the boy stops looking at her. Be quick when it comes to making the girl look pretty as you never know when the boy is going to look again. Good luck and have fun playing this awesome game .   
    Play " Kiss My Dream Boy" Flash Game !  (643 Plays)

Are you ready to create the most amazing, most tasty and most wonderful cake ever? If you like cooking cakes and you like creating works of art out of frostings and sprinkles, you have fond the right game. Choose exactly how to cook your cake, the colourings and decorations. Take your time and you will come up with an awesome cake for everyone to enjoy!  
    Play "Yummy Cake Decoration" Flash Game !  (587 Plays)

Mmmmm... Did some one say Burritos? Check out this game if you want to learn how to cook the best burritos ever! Cut, chop and slice the foods then cook them to perfection to make the most succulent mexican styled burritos ever. Once you have learned how to cook these wonderful burritos you can try for real with adult supervision.  
    Play "Make Breakfast Burritos" Flash Game !  (649 Plays)

our salad bar is very busy and there is not too much time for you to create each salad. In this game you will be racing against the clock to create your salads for your very own restaurant. To complete this game you will be going through the steps of creating a salad under pressure in order to simulate the stress you might find in a kitchen at a restaurant. If you think you can handle the high speed cooking, give this game ago!  
    Play "Speedy Salad Cooking" Flash Game !  (605 Plays)

Do you enjoy learning to cook new food? Do you like Asian foods? if you like both of those you may have found a great game for yourself. Simple create the Gyouza as quickly as possible as they sell out very quickly at your food stand. This all comes down to the art of speed cooking. Getting it wrong could turn your customers away however, getting it right will in fact bring you more customers. This game is a fast paced cooking game, are you up for the challenge?  
    Play "Gyouza Speed Cooking" Flash Game !  (594 Plays)

Lets see how good you are at creating your very own plate of cookies for the whole family to enjoy. All you need is a little bit of creativity when it comes to cookie creations. Cook the styled cookies then place them on the plate in a decorative manner. The way this plate of cookies is presented is restricted to your imagination so let it run wild and create some cookies that are out of this world!  
    Play "Cookie Creation Mania" Flash Game !  (661 Plays)

In this game you will be in control of 3 different girls outfits and make up. Choose the girl you want to style first, choose the outfit by trying all the different items available until you find something that looks good. Once you have done the outfit you should then give the girl a great makeover. This game has the best of both worlds.  
    Play "Dream Girls World Tour" Flash Game !  (771 Plays)

Time to cook the Milk Jelly Fiesta desert. This game will teach you how to cook this super tasty milk jelly desert so you can enjoy it with friends and family at the party later on tonight. Make sure you follow the games instructions to perfection so you dont make any mistakes, we want this desert to taste perfect!  
    Play "Milk Jelly Fiesta" Flash Game !  (647 Plays)

Choose your breed of dog then start taking care of him. Wash him, bathe him, feed him and pet him. Take good care of him so he stays clean and full of fun and love. If you look after him good enough you might win the cruft award. If you like pets and animals in general you will love these cute little doggies, and you will enjoy taking care of them. Use mouse to interact.   
    Play "Dog Breeder Contest" Flash Game !  (988 Plays)

Time to learn how to cook the tastiest Chicken Teriyaki dish from Japan. This Asian style chicken is super tasty and melts in your mouth. Chop up your ingredients then start the cooking process. Do exactly what the game tells you to do to cook the Chicken Teriyaki to perfection. Use mouse to interact.  
    Play "Cook Chicken Teriyaki" Flash Game !  (641 Plays)

In this fun cooking game you will learn how to cook the most delicious apple pie you have ever tasted. Learn how to make this yummy pie from scratch, from mixing the dough mixture to baking the pie. If you have a sweet tooth and like cooking this game is just right for you! The delicious crunchy crust and sweet sugary warm apples will melt in your mouth, and would go great with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream..
MOVE > Use mouse to interact.
    Play "Baking Sweet Apple Pie" Flash Game !  (650 Plays)
Date Dream Boy  Dec 31  
Fudgy Walnut Brownies  Dec 31  
Kitchen Clean up  Dec 31  
Make A Banana Split  Dec 31  
Cute Little Individual  Dec 31  
Speedy Sushi Creation  Dec 31  
Mystery In The Artclass  Dec 31  
Double Brownies Cooking  Dec 31  
Spaghetti Carbonara  Dec 31  
Kiss My Dream Boy  Dec 31  
Yummy Cake Decoration  Dec 31  
Make Breakfast Burritos  Dec 31  
Speedy Salad Cooking  Dec 31  
Gyouza Speed Cooking  Dec 31  
Cookie Creation Mania  Dec 31  
Dream Girls World Tour  Dec 31  
Milk Jelly Fiesta  Dec 31  
Dog Breeder Contest  Dec 31  
Cook Chicken Teriyaki  Dec 31  
Baking Sweet Apple Pie  Dec 31  
Dog Breeder Contest  988   
Date Dream Boy  822   
Make A Banana Split  801   
Dream Girls World Tour  771   
Fudgy Walnut Brownies  716   
Cookie Creation Mania  661   
Baking Sweet Apple Pie  650   
Make Breakfast Burritos  649   
Milk Jelly Fiesta  647   
Kiss My Dream Boy  643   
Cook Chicken Teriyaki  641   
Spaghetti Carbonara  635   
Double Brownies Cooking  614   
Kitchen Clean up  605   
Speedy Salad Cooking  605   
Cute Little Individual  603   
Gyouza Speed Cooking  594   
Yummy Cake Decoration  587   
Speedy Sushi Creation  584   
Mystery In The Artclass  569   
Date Dream Boy 
Fudgy Walnut Brownies 
Kitchen Clean up 
Make A Banana Split 
Cute Little Individual 
Speedy Sushi Creation 
Mystery In The Artclass 
Double Brownies Cooking 
Spaghetti Carbonara 
Kiss My Dream Boy 
Yummy Cake Decoration 
Make Breakfast Burritos 
Speedy Salad Cooking 
Gyouza Speed Cooking 
Cookie Creation Mania 
Dream Girls World Tour 
Milk Jelly Fiesta 
Dog Breeder Contest 
Cook Chicken Teriyaki 
Baking Sweet Apple Pie 

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