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freegameswow  Joined 2010-08-05 07:07:10
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Description:Click on the various parts of the real picture of a person and add special organ (eyes, mouth, nose, body ...) to him. You can save the strange face and share it with friends. It is really fun and a good choice for you to release your pressure. Let us see you talent of spelling the funniest face! Controls: Mouse Click to play. Tags:face,funny,fun  
    Play "Genius Funny Face Maker" Flash Game !  (7426 Plays)

Description:Set bombs to blow up all zombies. Look out for those zombies as well as your own bombs! Controls: Arrow Keys to move; Space to place bomb. Tags:zombies,bomb,strategy  
    Play "Zombies Paradiso" Flash Game !  (4253 Plays)

Title:Cat Dive Description:A cat is playing a game with his friend. The one who dives deepest and collects the most stars will win the game. Can you help this cat win? Controls: Mouse to charge and release. Tags:cat,dive,skill  
    Play "Cat Dive" Flash Game !  (1865 Plays)

Description:An Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess Leilani and taken her to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. Master Higgins, the game's protagonist, is attempting to save the kidnapped princess from the Evil Witch Doctor. Controls: AD to Move, K to jump, J to fire. Tags:hudson,risk,save,collect,adventure  
    Play "Adventure Island" Flash Game !  (2966 Plays)

Slice the fruits as fast as you can with your fruit ninja skills!  
    Play "Fast Knife Fruit Ninja" Flash Game !  (10318 Plays)

Description:This is a easy and fun bubbles game. Try to pop bubbles as fast as you can! Instruction:Arrow keys to adjust direction and Space to shoot bubbles. Tags:bubbles,shoot,remove,puzzle  
    Play "Deep Sea Bubbles" Flash Game !  (4597 Plays)

Description:This is a easy and fun removing puzzle game with cute fishes. Enjoy it! Instruction:Click lattices adjacent to exchange places. Make three same icons in a line horizontally or vertically to remove them. Tags:fish,remove,click,puzzle  
    Play "Fish Puzzle" Flash Game !  (2054 Plays)

This is a puzzle game of One Piece series. Use diamonds of different shapes to form the lost part of the treasure map. Remember to fill all the graphic blanks in the map and the diamonds must be placed properly. Instruction Use mouse to move the diamonds and spacebar to rotate one. Tags: one piece, tetris, puzzle  
    Play "One Piece Treasure Map" Flash Game !  (13394 Plays)

Description:Invaders are coming! Drive a spaceship to shoot all of them down. Controls: Mouse to move and shoot. Tags:spaceship,invaders,skill,shoot  
    Play "Doodle Galaxy Invaders" Flash Game !  (1341 Plays)

Description:Choose a picture you like and cut them into jigsaw pieces. Test yourself how fast you can make the picture together. Controls:Sliding the pieces bar to decide how small you want jigsaws be;Double-click to rotate jigsaw; Rolling Mouse Wheel to zoom in and zoom out. Tags:cute,jigsaw,puzzle  
    Play "Acool Online Jigsaw" Flash Game !  (2237 Plays)

Description:This game is a show of school uniforms. Have fun! Controls:Use the mouse to select clothes and accessories. Tags:cute,gril,beauty,dressup  
    Play "Schoolyard Honeygirl" Flash Game !  (1351 Plays)

Title:Cargo Truck Express Description:Be ready,truck driver! Make sure you deliver the goods to the designated place in the time limit. Instruction: Arrow Keys to drive; Space to Start; Shift to speed up. Tags:truck,drive,delivery,sport  
    Play "Cargo Truck Express" Flash Game !  (1932 Plays)

Description:Little Dada is going on an adventure. This is a dangerous trip as many monsters are along the way. Help little Dada kill the monsters and collect as many coins as possible. Controls:Arrow keys to play. Tags:dada,collect,skill,adventure  
    Play "Dada Adventure" Flash Game !  (996 Plays)

Description:In this game, roketman is runing all the time and runs faster and faster. What you need to do is to control him to jump , to fly and to get the gems at the right time. The longer roketman survives, the higher score you get. Controls:Press space to jump Tags:rocketman,run,skill,collect,arcade  
    Play "Rocketman GO! GO! GO!" Flash Game !  (920 Plays)

Description:Do you know how high Ultraman can jump? Test it and have fun! Controls:Arrow keys to play. Tags:ultraman,jump,skill,puzzle  
    Play "Go Go! Ultraman" Flash Game !  (1078 Plays)

This is an interesting game with chalk and a bounce ball. If the bounce ball bumps into a white ball, the chalk will stretch a little and you will get 5 points; Bumps into yellow ball, chalk stretch a large section, 10 points awards; Bumps into red ball, chalk cut a large section, 20 points awards; Bumps into the chalk, the chalk will also be cut short.  
    Play "Chalk Bounce" Flash Game !  (1059 Plays)

Are you a super archer? Come and try this game! After practising, you will surely become one. Hold Left Mouse to change the angle and intensity; Release Left Mouse to shoot arrows.  
    Play "Super Archer" Flash Game !  (1759 Plays)
Genius Funny Face Maker  Dec 31  
Zombies Paradiso  Dec 31  
Cat Dive  Dec 31  
Adventure Island  Dec 31  
Fast Knife Fruit Ninja  Dec 31  
Deep Sea Bubbles  Dec 31  
Fish Puzzle  Dec 31  
One Piece Treasure Map  Dec 31  
Doodle Galaxy Invaders  Dec 31  
Acool Online Jigsaw  Dec 31  
Schoolyard Honeygirl  Dec 31  
Cargo Truck Express  Dec 31  
Dada Adventure  Dec 31  
Rocketman GO! GO! GO!  Dec 31  
Go Go! Ultraman  Dec 31  
Chalk Bounce  Dec 31  
Super Archer  Dec 31  
One Piece Treasure Map  13394   
Fast Knife Fruit Ninja  10318   
Genius Funny Face Maker  7426   
Deep Sea Bubbles  4597   
Zombies Paradiso  4253   
Adventure Island  2966   
Acool Online Jigsaw  2237   
Fish Puzzle  2054   
Cargo Truck Express  1932   
Cat Dive  1865   
Super Archer  1759   
Schoolyard Honeygirl  1351   
Doodle Galaxy Invaders  1341   
Go Go! Ultraman  1078   
Chalk Bounce  1059   
Dada Adventure  996   
Rocketman GO! GO! GO!  920   
Genius Funny Face Maker 
Zombies Paradiso 
Cat Dive 
Adventure Island 
Fast Knife Fruit Ninja 
Deep Sea Bubbles 
Fish Puzzle 
One Piece Treasure Map 
Doodle Galaxy Invaders 
Acool Online Jigsaw 
Schoolyard Honeygirl 
Cargo Truck Express 
Dada Adventure 
Rocketman GO! GO! GO! 
Go Go! Ultraman 
Chalk Bounce 
Super Archer 

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