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Prepare yourself for the awesome sequel to the Bed and Breakfast series. Turn your humble Bed and Breakfast into an international hotel with casinos, cafes and much more! Making your bed and breakfast hotel great isn't easy, so look for staff to help you run different parts of your hotel. Without them, you won't get very far. You'll have to keep an eye on the people you employ, as they may fall asleep and need waking up! They are also slow workers, so you may need to step in sometimes to give them a hand!

If you want to give holiday goers a great time, you have to make sure you have the best facilities and active staff to keep them happy!

Make this the best bed and breakfast ever and give your guests a great time! Good luck!


Mouse. See in-game tutorial for more details.  
    Play "Bed and Breakfast 3" Flash Game !  (4675 Plays)

Journey across the land by climbing the highest mountains in the world. In this universe, you climb by typing words. The faster you type, the faster you climb.

Watch out for the evil computer climber, he's always trying to climb faster than you!

Use power ups to help you on your journey and try not to make too many mistakes!


Keyboard. 1 and 2 for powerups. Space to zoom in and out.  
    Play "Word Mountain" Flash Game !  (1007 Plays)

A breakout is planned by the farm animals from the petting zoo! Enough is enough! They can no longer deal with kids touching them, poking them, prodding them, screaming at them. They must get out or die trying!

It's your task to solve the puzzles on each level to allow the animals to roll to freedom! Use various objects in each level to grant freedom to each animal.

Pumpkins, onions, bales of hay, carts, wheels, boxes, barrels etc can be used to help you free those animals!


Mouse click on gray objects to make them disappear. Click on bird cages to allow animals or objects within to fall out. Create explosive chain reactions by making an object hit the cylinder of gas.  
    Play "Zoo Escape" Flash Game !  (2038 Plays)

Climb up the tower of love and get what you're looking for!


Arrow keys or WASD to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.  
    Play "Hot Date Hunter" Flash Game !  (2097 Plays)

The fabled Leon Wars, named after the murdered son of King Rodrick, has been raging for almost a century. The king's son was murdered by the slave (and monster) race, the Draylocks. No one quite knows why the Draylocks did this, as all those directly responsible were executed very early on. But it is clear, the Draylocks have had enough of serving humans and lust for power.


Mouse click to select your army. Mouse click again to direct your army where you want it to go. Double mouse click to view unit placement in an army.

Mouse click to select a village, mine or church. Double mouse click to view its militia and defensive situation.

Arrow keys to scroll map left/right/up/down.

Space bar to deselect army/village/mine/church.  
    Play "The Leon Wars" Flash Game !  (2831 Plays)

It's stunt bike drawing in another galaxy! Draw your jumping ramps, rev your engine and try to jump over the freaky alien beings without killing them or yourself!

Do stunts and catch floating bonuses for more points and money.

Upgrade your bike and buy new stunts!

Some jumps are tricky and require good ramps and skilled driving to get over. Be patient and experiment a little!

Drawing Stage: Arrow keys to scroll around. Mouse to draw ramps.

Jumping Stage: Up arrow key to accelerate. Down to break. Left and right arrow keys to control bike in flight. Z, X and C keys to perform stunts in the air for bonus points.  
    Play "Stunt Bike Draw 3" Flash Game !  (4035 Plays)

A new twist to spot the difference games! There are 4 near identical images - each image has one change not present in the others. Your objective is simple, find that difference for each image - total 4 differences per level.

Speed counts - bonuses are awarded for finding the differences quickly.

Differences change each time you play the game - so play, play and play again!

Hint: Compare two images at the same time.  
    Play "D-Finder 4" Flash Game !  (1475 Plays)

Elastoman to the rescue! Can you save kidnapped citizens across the city? Can you bounce them to safety? Are you the right bouncy dude for the job?

You're primary objective is to bounce your way around the city saving the tied up people. The people can be seen as yellow dots in your crime fighting map.

Once your done rescuing all the people, make your way to the helicopter to escape!  
    Play "Elastoman" Flash Game !  (2107 Plays)

Oh brave adventurer, your task is to enter the Tombs of Death to find treasures beyond imagining. This is but a simple task, except for the hordes of blood-thirsty mummies guarding the treasure.

Explore the tombs, pick up treasures, avoid trap doors, and blast the mummies to hell and back.

Buy new weapons by going to the local Mummy Store and pay with your BLOOD!


Arrow keys / WASD - Movement
J - jump
Space bar - Fire
K ? toggle weapon
L - activate insane killing mode  
    Play "Mummy Tombs 2" Flash Game !  (1623 Plays)

It's your job to end the lives of all the "suicidal" creatures beneath you. You have a minimum quota to succeed, so don't let them escape!

Game gets harder as you progress through the levels. Try to win badges with excellent play!


Mouse. Move mouse left or right to position anvil and right-click to drop it.  
    Play "Kill Me" Flash Game !  (1469 Plays)

Escape from the universe before the super giant blackhole consumes everything... including your civilisation!   
    Play "Life Ark 4" Flash Game !  (1470 Plays)

Can you survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death?

Pay with your blood!!! Muhahahahaa!


Arrow keys / WASD - Movement

Space bar - Fire

X ? Toggle Weapon  
    Play "Mummy Tombs" Flash Game !  (2037 Plays)

You?re driving the world's first Super War Train. Your task is to defend your lands from an invading force, complete missions and destroy enemy bosses.


W and S keys to move along tracks.

Mouse to change track direction at switch points.

Mouse to aim and shoot.  
    Play "ChooChoo" Flash Game !  (1734 Plays)

Turn your box office into a huge enterprise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.  
    Play "Box Office" Flash Game !  (2291 Plays)

A crazy under-the-sea match three puzzler. Can you make the biggest catch?  
    Play "Bubble Blob" Flash Game !  (1556 Plays)

After making a daring escape from your dying planet, you go in search of a new world to colonise. After eons of travel, your inter-stellar craft crash lands on a deserted moon. This cannot be your new home and you face serious obstacles in this whacked out universe.  
    Play "Life Ark 3" Flash Game !  (1456 Plays)

The famous stone heads on Easter Island are being ravaged by mystical creatures from another dimension; it's up to you to defend your island to the very last head.


Mouse. Left-click top bar to buy defense tower. Left-click on grid to place tower.   
    Play "Easter Island TD" Flash Game !  (1902 Plays)

Your objective is to infiltrate the guarded enemy warehouse and collect fifty crates containing top secret info.
Take out the enemy guards by approaching them from behind and firing your shuriken.
If you are spotted, you will be shot, unless you are able to move out of the firing range.
Each death will cost you $100, so be careful.

Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to shoot.  
    Play "Ninjufo" Flash Game !  (1947 Plays)

Anyone for a game of golf?


Mouse to aim and swing.

Power line can be drawn anywhere on the playing screen (make sure you have enough room to fit it in)!

Arrow keys to scroll left and right.  
    Play "Golfman" Flash Game !  (1832 Plays)

Try to evolve your monkey into a modern human being. Can it be done?  
    Play "Evolver" Flash Game !  (1399 Plays)

The aliens are gathering forces in an attempt to destroy your world. Your mission: infiltrate and destroy the alien mothership before they are able to carry out their plans.


Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to accelerate.  
    Play "Alien Flight" Flash Game !  (2198 Plays)

The balloon wars are raging on the farm. Who will be king of the barnyard?  
    Play "Barnyard Balloon" Flash Game !  (2179 Plays)

Humans: the trading cattle of the galaxy. You're a bounty hunter in search of humans to sell on the inter-galactic human market place.

Mouse to move. Left-click to beam humans into your ship.  
    Play "Alien Abductor" Flash Game !  (1377 Plays)

Your people have exploited all resources, polluted the water, land and air and have finally managed to kill the living spirit of the planet. Your task is to build an inter-stellar craft that will take your people to a new home.  
    Play "Life Ark 2" Flash Game !  (3629 Plays)

The volcano has exploded, the lava in the valley is rising. Only Super Ninja can escape... try to bounce up the canyon as high as you can before the lava burns you to death. Oh, watch out for falling rocks, they'll ruin your day!

How high can you get?


WASD or arrow keys to move.  
    Play "Super Lava Jumper" Flash Game !  (1376 Plays)

Secure your bases with a retro missile defence system. Shoot enemy ships for bonus points.

Additional points are awarded at the end of each round for low missile usage and undamaged bases.

After each wave, use upgrade points to rebuild destroyed bases, add shields to bases, and upgrade missile speed and power.

Extra victory points are awarded if you complete the game after level 15.  
    Play "FWG Defence" Flash Game !  (1290 Plays)

Can you spot the differences? Choose your difficulty level, find the differences and win the game. Bonuses and power-ups awarded for speed. Differences change every time you play the game.  
    Play "D-Finder 3" Flash Game !  (1242 Plays)

Here's a new twist to the block match genre. You play on dual screens and try to destroy the blocks on both sides.

The game starts off easy enough on the left side, but as things get crazy, you will have to deal with blocks appearing on both sides.

The game ends when the blocks reach to the top of the right side screen. How long can you last?  
    Play "Puzzle Core" Flash Game !  (1285 Plays)

Your objective in this game is to get the hot girl at the bar to jump into your arms before any other guy can take her away.

You're the guy sitting down looking at the girl. Try to get her by foiling the attempts of the other two guys and winning her love and attention.

Click around, solve the puzzles and find the right sequence for success. Good luck!


Mouse point and click.  
    Play "Hot Date" Flash Game !  (1252 Plays)

The stick giants have long hated their kin. They are altogether an unpleasant lot who constantly war on one another. In this game your objective is to try to eliminate all your stick giant foe and dominate Stickland now and forever.

To battle on one another stick giants have developed a large range of weapons to cause maximum pain and destruction. These unique weapons comprise the lesser and much smaller stick races. The poor things get thrown, blown up, stabbed, broken and shot. Use them wisely to defeat the opposing stick giants.

All weapons can be purchased and upgraded at the end of a level. Good luck and may the God of Sticks guide you on your quest.


Mouse click, drag and release to aim, adjust power and shoot your stickmunitions.

Arrow keys to move.

Click your stick weapon to use it.  
    Play "Stick Bang" Flash Game !  (3961 Plays)

You've just robbed a bank! Your objective: race around the city streets in your hotrod and drop off the stolen goods at key check points. After the money has been stowed away, get to your hideaway before the cops catch you. Look out for objects that will help or hinder your escape.


Arrow Keys. P to pause.  
    Play "FWG Pursuit" Flash Game !  (1622 Plays)

Lead the life of a dock worker! Load crates onto the cargo ships before the time runs out. Sound easy? The ability to load crates becomes increasingly difficult as you progress. Ships move, floor workers get in the way, and you will be required to load larger crates-- all of which require accurate timing and patience. How many crates can you load?


Mouse click to drop a crate. Space bar (hold) to zoom out.  
    Play "Shipping Blox" Flash Game !  (1766 Plays)

Zombieman is a unique survival game, where you play both human and zombie. Run around the dark city streets and try not to die!

Survive for as many days as possible, while converting zombies into humans or vice versa.

As a human it is your goal to shoot as many zombies as possible with an experimental reversal drug that will make them human again.

If you are unlucky enough to be infected by zombies yourself, you turn into one. Once you are a zombie, you have a new objective - infect as many humans as possible so that they are converted into zombies.


WASD to move.

Mouse to aim and shoot or leap on enemy.  
    Play "Zombieman" Flash Game !  (2923 Plays)

This is a challenging skill game where you goal is hit all the flying birds and other objects with your trusty boomerang before your time runs out.


Press GO to start.

Mouse click where you want it to go.

Mouse click hold to have boomerang rotate around where you have clicked. Release mouse button when you want boomerang to fly in the direction it is currently pointing.

You can only click a certain distance away from the boomerang.

Z key to toggle zoom in and out (can only be done at the start of the level).  
    Play "Boomerpop" Flash Game !  (1521 Plays)

Your objective is to travel through the 'Machine' and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey.

Things starts of nice and slow, but quickly accelerate to insane speeds.

How far can you get before you become a permanent fixture in the 'Machine'?


Mouse. Look out for power-ups, they will help you survive a little bit longer.  
    Play "Crazy Tracker" Flash Game !  (1521 Plays)

Defeat evil and bring back joy to your kingdom!

Your land has been ravaged by evil forces. Go out and defeat the evil that has come and bring joy back to your kingdom.


W A D keys to move. S key to toggle weapon. J for normal attack. K and L for special attack.

All controls can be modified.   
    Play "FWG Knight 2" Flash Game !  (5640 Plays)

You're an orange square-headed freak trapped in a circus side-show. Your objective is to get the heck out of the circus and find your friends!


Mouse point and click.  
    Play "Mental Showtime" Flash Game !  (1541 Plays)

Your objective is simple: try not to get squashed by the objects drawn on the blackboard. Move fast and think quick!  
    Play "Blackboard Squash" Flash Game !  (1585 Plays)

Your objective in this game is to grow beetles, breed beetles and to produce the ultimate beetle. You have to look after these bugs, feed them, entertain them, and clean up after them. Not so easy.

Grow bugs, breed bugs, sell bugs, buy bugs, evolve bugs, race bugs, fight bugs. This game will keep you busy for a long time.

Can you keep your bugs alive and succeed in the bug world?


Mouse point and click.

Game autosaves as you progress.  
    Play "Evolution" Flash Game !  (3295 Plays)

The competition of the brains is on again. How big is your brain?

Your challenge in this game is to move around the playing board as quickly as possible by completing various puzzles. The faster you complete a puzzle, the more IQ points you get. IQ points are also affected by the relative difficulty of a puzzle.

There are 4 types of puzzle squares you can land on, ranging from easy to very hard.
There are also chance squares on the board, which may help you on your journey to the finish line.

Can you win and get to the finish line first?

Controls Mouse. Follow in-game instructions for each activity.  
    Play "Puzzle Freak 2" Flash Game !  (5204 Plays)

You're a thief, but not just any thief-- the best thief ever. You plan on taking on your greatest challenge yet - stealing the World Diamond - the biggest diamond in the world worth millions of dollars.


Movement - ASWD. All keys can be modified.
Action - 'Q'
Special Action 'E'
    Play "Heist" Flash Game !  (1655 Plays)

The intergalactic box racing tournament is on! Race against the fastest box racers in the galaxy. Can you win?


Arrow keys.  
    Play "Box Racers" Flash Game !  (5525 Plays)

Awww, collect all the roses for your loved one before your time runs out! Happy Valentine's!


Mouse over to collect roses and time bonuses.  
    Play "FWG Valentines" Flash Game !  (1362 Plays)

It's a cop killing festival, run like a madman and shoot as many cops as you can before they take you down! How far can you get before your brains are splattered everywhere?


Arrow keys to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.  
    Play "Run Run Fury" Flash Game !  (2015 Plays)

Magicians killing magicians. It's madness, but the war to be the greatest sorcerer on the planet rages on. Can you defeat all others and reign supreme?


WASD to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.  
    Play "Magi Wars" Flash Game !  (1954 Plays)

The tower of Dicedom has been a symbol of oppression for eons. Within this menacing structure are your friends, held captive by the evil Big D.

Your objective is simple, climb the tower, rescue your friends, eliminate Big D's hench dice, collect the faces of power and ultimately kill Big D at the top.

Look out for the colored keys that are required to unlock doors to different sections of the tower - you'll need them!

Oh, brave dice hero the dreams and hopes of Dicedom are with you. Good luck.


Arrow keys. Space to open doors and complete special actions.

Bounce on the enemy to kill them.  
    Play "Super D" Flash Game !  (49636 Plays)

Help the giraffe gobble all the apples in Africa!

Mmmmm apples. You're an apple-crazy Giraffe on a mission to gobble all the apples in Africa!

Your objective is to collect the apples in the tree in one continuous line and then get your head to the exit. The tricky part is not crossing your neck at any point or blocking your head into a corner! You only have a limited amount of time to do this and the puzzles become more difficult as you progress through the game.


Arrow keys. Hit the reset button if you make a mistake!

    Play "Giraffe Above" Flash Game !  (1504 Plays)
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Super D  49636   
FWG Knight 2  5640   
Box Racers  5525   
Puzzle Freak 2  5204   
Bed and Breakfast 3  4675   
Stunt Bike Draw 3  4035   
Stick Bang  3961   
Life Ark 2  3629   
Evolution  3295   
Zombieman  2923   
The Leon Wars  2831   
Box Office  2291   
Alien Flight  2198   
Barnyard Balloon  2179   
Elastoman  2107   
Hot Date Hunter  2097   
Zoo Escape  2038   
Mummy Tombs  2037   
Run Run Fury  2015   
Magi Wars  1954   
Ninjufo  1947   
Easter Island TD  1902   
Golfman  1832   
Shipping Blox  1766   
ChooChoo  1734   
Heist  1655   
Mummy Tombs 2  1623   
FWG Pursuit  1622   
Blackboard Squash  1585   
Bubble Blob  1556   
Mental Showtime  1541   
Crazy Tracker  1521   
Boomerpop  1521   
Giraffe Above  1504   
D-Finder 4  1475   
Life Ark 4  1470   
Kill Me  1469   
Life Ark 3  1456   
Evolver  1399   
Alien Abductor  1377   
Super Lava Jumper  1376   
FWG Valentines  1362   
FWG Defence  1290   
Puzzle Core  1285   
Hot Date  1252   
D-Finder 3  1242   
Word Mountain  1007   
Bed and Breakfast 3 
Word Mountain 
Zoo Escape 
Hot Date Hunter 
The Leon Wars 
Stunt Bike Draw 3 
D-Finder 4 
Mummy Tombs 2 
Kill Me 
Life Ark 4 
Mummy Tombs 
Box Office 
Bubble Blob 
Life Ark 3 
Easter Island TD 
Alien Flight 
Barnyard Balloon 
Alien Abductor 
Life Ark 2 
Super Lava Jumper 
FWG Defence 
D-Finder 3 
Puzzle Core 
Hot Date 
Stick Bang 
FWG Pursuit 
Shipping Blox 
Crazy Tracker 
FWG Knight 2 
Mental Showtime 
Blackboard Squash 
Puzzle Freak 2 
Box Racers 
FWG Valentines 
Run Run Fury 
Magi Wars 
Super D 
Giraffe Above 

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